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【Photo】sanzi's photo collections 2018 YURA


【Photo】sanzi's photo collections 2018 YURA
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This model is YURA.
I got introduced by my acquaintance. She is a student of model first experience.

The foot size is 26.0 cm, Egyptian type.
The toes are long and the nails are large. No pedicure.

There is no octopus or horny in the state that the sole of the foot is smooth and smooth.
The arch is deep and the balance of the shape of the foot is good.
The beauty of this foot is pretty rare in this size.

Stockings, bare feet and other photos taken.
It is recommended for those who like big feet, beautiful soles of the feet.

[Number of images] 126 sheets

[Image size] 6240 × 4160, 4592 × 3064, 3089 × 2048

【Model】 YURA (Early 20's) T: 174 cm S: 26.0 cm

※ The model is wearing a mask.

※ Since this product is compressed into a zip file,
Please extract with Lhaca etc. decompression software.

【Tags】  feet soles footfetish
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This Product Including さんじの写真部屋2018 YURA 分割1
さんじの写真部屋2018 YURA 分割2
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