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I finally took that "nuisance sake club"!


I finally took that "nuisance sake club"!
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People who know it "a nuisance sake club".
Even if I have never been there, there are people who have seen advertisements.
Yes, it is an underground customs in a room of apartment about 5 minutes on foot from the station of Yamanote line.
This time, I finally succeeded in taking pictures of the inside of it.
At 4:30 pm on a Wednesday, the infiltration began when I called from the station and listened to the location of the apartment.
I arrived in front of the apartment and I called again. I was told to come to room 214 on the second floor with a mouth that looked like this from somewhere. As I told you knocked the door lightly it appeared that a small man in his 40s. There was a plastic model on the entrance and it was decorated narrowly.
If we pay the fee of 10,000 yen for 60 minutes, we will get a B5 size tag written with membership number. With it, this time I moved alone to Room 601 of the same apartment.
When I got off the elevator I was instructed in detail such as pushing the button on the first floor, not having to ride with other residents on the elevator.
When I insert the B5 tag into the door post of room 601, the door opens silently. I am excited about the secret club-like atmosphere.
A small woman about 40 years old who greeted me. It is not naked.
When getting inside, you get a basket and you are guided to the bathroom. Take a shower alone, put what you take in a basket, roll a bath towel around your waist and a small lady will receive a basket.
After that it will be guided to the living room, where the ultra-small camera hidden inside the bath towel is set in a potted plant that was on the shelf in a blink of an eye! I do not have confidence that I could successfully set, but I can not redo it.
There is a sofa and a table in the living room of about 12 tatami mats, and drinks and snacks are lined up on the table. And there are three naked women on three sofas. One cute feeling of twenties, one big tits of thirties in one's thirties, one woman who seems to be kind in his forties, and so on.
When I was beckoned by a woman in her twenties, when I sat next to the right, my 40s sitting on another sofa came further to the right and suddenly caught in the two naked naked. At the end, big tits are approaching and sitting diagonally to the left. I was told to take a bath towel for a woman in her twenties and I also cock full of naked! Although leather is covered, I can not even peel off with my hands.
It is very embarrassing to say clearly, but suddenly it is quite exciting to put out the cock in front of three ladies.
Cock around the nipples from both sides and the cock erect quickly. At the same time most of the skin is peeled off and excitement wins over embarrassment.
A big tits woman holding a cock while talking with others.
I reach out to the thighs of the women on both sides, but they will not be rejected.
I was told that at the reception desk on the second floor, I did not pinch the female nipple, even if I touch it, I was told that I could not stare him, but it seemed OK to gently rub the thighs and breasts.
When confessing that the nipple feels, three people will mess around with both nipples alternately.
Cowper overflows from the cock as a matter of course but it is taken by a woman in her twenties to her fingertips and gently pads the whole glans head.
In addition, 3 people rubbed the stem of the cock and ball bag and rubbed. I can not bear the pleasant feeling "Voice" comes out. As I asked for a kiss in my forties I gently tied my lips with my lips when I gave my lips.
Meanwhile, women in their 20s lick their nipples.
There are three people in the cock. My hands rubbish and massage big tits. It is already the best pleasure.
I feel 10 times more than 1: 1 sex. Next, both women in their twenties also kissed their tongues and deep kisses with big tits.
The cock is on the verge of explosion but desperately tolerated the ejaculation.
Meanwhile, I myself talked about the habit of being embarrassed that I liked being able to watch masturbating while lightly shaking the cock. I also forgotten to have a voyeur, it is already sexual desire.
After that the big tits fucked cucking the cock in the valley.
As expected it is impossible to endure ejaculation any more. So I realized so that I did not regret, I twisted my breasts of my 20s and 40s women enough and kissed with my tongue again.
There is nothing left to remember.
As they are being touched by both nipples, two women have their cock squeezed
"Oh, cock is pleasant! My nipples are comfortable! I am happy!" I put my pleasure in my speech.
Then, "I will give out sperm, so please watch it as soon as I get out, I will get sperm from cock." Oh, Iku! I will get sperm, "while screaming, I was so surrounded by three naked women that I had a happy ejaculation .

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