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Underwear and dimension stop pervert of business partners OL bro


Underwear and dimension stop pervert of business partners OL bro
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At the company's New Year's party, the third party ends around 2 am, when the last train has passed, and to karaoke by the name of waiting for the first train with the trading partner Mr. Shimizu (a pseudonym) who remained until the end.

While Shimizu-san is going to the bathroom, she prepares her hand-held Condeci and mobile phone in the room. One should be able to shoot even underwear, and set at feet.

Sure enough, Shimizu-san, who was drunk, has a crotch that is well visible to the hidden dark part of the OL skirt.

As I became familiar, I got a little naughty question and asked, "When did you have sex recently?" And asked, "About three months ago".

When I ask, "Who is your partner?" He tells me quite a bit of details, saying "I've been in contact with a person who has been with me in the previous work for the first time in a long time, and then go drinking."

A private karaoke room that allows you to be attentive to this point and also late at night. Furthermore, I know from the above episode that I get drunk when I get in, so I stepped on it and put a sleep inducer into the wine she was drinking.

Please be sure to check the spot where you are dropping at the last minute of the food menu, because it is completely taken.

This pounding feeling does not accumulate.

From there I spent some proper time, and when I got a key, I tried to put in touch and kiss my body.

If you can shoot even underwear. . I have prepared a camera with a feeling like that, but maybe I could even take a Gonzo! ? I tried to cover the device with a slight excitement.

If it does so, it succeeds to the place where she sucks tits without being refused unexpectedly. This is ikeru, when I put my hand on the pants and took off, it is uh. This may be bad. .

Moreover, the introduction agent has not been effective. .

Although I think this is crazy, I will also show the cock erected at the original cause, but her heart is only moving away. .

It will be a problem if you do more than this! That's it for now.

I'm sorry that it is not a big picture! However, please forgive me for saying that this is a real of OL. I think you can enjoy those who like light panchira and pervert acts.

Picture is mp4 of 11 minutes 55 seconds. It has been confirmed that it can be played on mobile phones.

Voice: Yes

The model of the subject is a video of 18 years of age or older and taken with the consent of the person.

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