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Rumors of the child po to just sports instructional DVD ... The


Rumors of the child po to just sports instructional DVD ... The
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Do you know the martial arts pomchim?

I heard only rumor about its existence. The rumor was that "the instructional DVD of South American martial arts called" pomchim seems to be dangerous ".

The Japanese word "Yabui" has various meanings. "Yabui" in the positive sense means "very good", and "yabai" in the negative meaning means "don't care" or "danger".

It was because I actually watched the instructional DVD, which was circulating in the back market, that I knew that "Yabui" here meant both of them.

According to the instructional DVD, pomchim is a martial art that originated in South America in the 90's, and it is said that bats and joints are forbidden, and that "hands-on" and "tongues" are mainly used as the means of attack. In addition, it is said that the difference between winning and losing is "speech", and it is considered to be won if the opponent is asked to speak out the technique and the other party.

The creator of the DVD is the Japan Pomutim Society, a group that demonstrates the primary techniques of pomutim, among other things.

By the way, when you look at the video, it is true that pastoral BGM like a rule video flows, and a realistic commentary is displayed. Up to that point is a very normal instructional video. So why is that video so "bad"?

It will be understood at a glance if you can actually see the video.

First of all, it was a well-dressed girl who appeared as a trainee. And it was a middle-aged man who was teaching the technique.

And, in the eyes of the Japanese, the martial arts and many of the techniques that are enshrined are only those that appear to be "unremarkable acts."

For example, the technique of “Morma” is to inspire and stimulate the opponent's body, and to encourage vocalization, and the middle-aged leader models it on the body of the girl. In addition, the technique of "Tantan" is a content that encourages vocalization by licking the other's body, and this also uses the girl's body as a model, and a middle-aged leader tongues to the side, chest, abdomen, crotch etc. I will continue to

Certainly, in the image, a plausible excuse has been told that "a sudden attack is allowed in Pommuim." Besides, the fact that the model is a girl, and the nature of the medium of the instructional video, may not be a shame at all. First of all, the martial arts originated in South America. There may be a difference in the sense of values.

If you think about it, even if it is boxing, if you remove the frame of martial arts, it is a fine injury. However, as long as you are a sport, the injury is legal.

Pomchim is also the same. If you remove the frame of martial arts, this may be called pornography from a Japanese sense. But as long as you are a sport, it is clearly legal.

This time, with the permission of the creator of this video, we will be able to sell it on our account. The producer strongly stated on consignment that "This is a martial arts. Please refrain from viewing and using for indecent purposes." In fact, this video has been distributed only by DVD so far, and it is said that this is the first time selling online.

For this product only, it would be appreciated if you could refrain from purchasing based on masturbation.

Of course, while watching for learning purpose, it is not something to give up about irregular such as accidental erection.

The coexistence of many cultures is one of the most important issues in modern society. Pomtim is a good culture. Although there may be a sense of indebtedness for the local sensitivity in Japan, it may be nothing other than an act that closes the open world, who convicts him as a "child po" for that reason. I do not know.

According to the Japanese pomchim association, "we are starting activities to make pomchim a formal event of the Tokyo Olympics." Let's make it happen.

Video 37:06

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★ A person appearing in this work is a model that has obtained consent
★ We forbid any unauthorized reproduction such as images, videos of this work

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