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ID exposure of 6,000 back girl girls who can meet normally


ID exposure of 6,000 back girl girls who can meet normally
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You already know how to get acquainted with a young boy, who has many obstacles and is quite difficult. In fact, there is a way to get around without much effort. That's it, Twitter. In other words, without going anywhere, you can attach from home to promises.

This girl is ○ ○ Mi. I made a back account with this name, posted a slightly horny image, and asked for someone to do with DM.

The first account boasted 6,000 followers, but frozen by regulation from Twitter.

Currently operating as a second account.

I met fortunately when I was in the first account, but I have to get in front early and I can not know when it will be frozen again!

By the way, because ○ ○ Mi's Twitter ID is exposed in the picture, it becomes a specification that only people who bought it can be directly entangled lol

I'm sorry, but first, please see sex with me before meeting with the person. I would like you to get involved later. By the way, I will let you fuck

※ ※ postscript
This is ○ ○ Mi's account, but the second account seems to have been frozen. Currently, I have created a third account with an account named ○○ 3. I put the ID that can be seen in the image on the profile, so I think that you can find it.

Movie: 31 minutes 34 seconds
1280 × 720

※ This is a situation video.
※ Age confirmation of subject is surely done and we have copy of age confirmation documents.

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