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Molester recording diary 128


Molester recording diary 128
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I started with a bad friend.
I strongly receive the colors of certain works.

After all jk is the best! !
This time the target girl ○ student of short hair with black hair.
The current season is the spring break season with extremely few students. . So, the students who can meet the rush hours are very valuable. .
The appearance of such a thorn looks a bit older than age, but the appearance is in order and this is a pretty beauty .... Because I feel younger but I really like it but I can not choose it ...

For the time being we get in together and take a position. I stand in front and slowly go through the skirt ... at this time my hands always shake. .
The hand hits and the face of the lizard is overcast. The dad who tries hard to escape while holding down with palms and tries to escape. The feeling of being disgusting but disgusting is transmitted on the other side ... It is excited to the contrary ...
I'm fond of being addicted to making a hated takeaway a pleasure, I'm still a pervert ....

Slowly trace the crotch from the top of the pantyhose ... The waist of the Tage moving back and forth in a responsive manner Bikkubiku like ... Reactive too much to react ...
After all clit is weak? When the finger comes to the front part, I am excited to match with the back and forth movement ... The cock is gingin to the reaction of erotic Tage than I thought ...

It will be raw bread when it comes to this, when I put my hand from the top of the pantyhose ... her warmth coming over her hand than before. . I feel a little higher body temperature than human skin ...
Nadenade crotch in the entire palm ... feel of the sense that can be seen even panty over ... ... and understand how hard it feels comfortable ...
Gently trace the part that has a little bit of pain ... every time I touch the finger I'm so addicting that I'm too sensitive ... but the movement of the waist is also erotic, the sigh of the tage is also quite erotic ...
I feel that my face and ears are red. .
"Haa ..... ..... ....." because it is a pant to leak so erotic is dangerous ...
Sometimes the breath of the Tage which is sometimes caught smells good ... I'm dying to want to kiss ... I'm drowning ...
I forgot to live for a while because I was absorbed in a reaction more than expected for a while ... I arrived at the station when I noticed it, I wanted to touch a little more ...

Tage runs away to escape. It is already great ....

I felt that the panty was getting dirty on purpose, so I think her panties should have got wet.
What does she think of seeing that panty,

(Highly scored sensitive daughter who met at a valuable time: 85 points)

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