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Bancho Noriyuki-Awakening-At M Daimae


Bancho Noriyuki-Awakening-At M Daimae
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And I started very much Hello, this is me that underwear gang leader.

It was the first time, but I thought that I would do it someday, and I had the equipment, so I did my best to give courage. (It is a model)

Please give up if you like (o _ _) o))

And thank you from now on m (_ _ "m)

It's pretty cute

I'm really sorry about it. . .

But I tried my best!

The video has become a little longer, and the image quality will fall if it is put together into one, so it will be divided as the whole film and the second part pecoli (o _ _) o))

As you go to the second half, you will get used to it and the content will improve.

Please by all means set.

There are few samples, but please detect.

※ Main story appearance

Resolution 1920 x 1080
Duration 5: 54
Movie format MP4
Video capacity 475 MB

-The product does not include content that is defined as child pornography or content that is illegal.
・ Actually it is fiction.
・ There are scenes where the background is partially blurred etc.
・ We prohibit unauthorized reproduction and distribution of the original work without permission.
・ There is a scene where some audio is cut.
-It is a product that is commissioned by a third party and sold. (Product description is fiction.)

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