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Take out the girl girl from the scene and teach the acme with 3P


Take out the girl girl from the scene and teach the acme with 3P
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Too. I'll let you do what you call me.

A woman who is a girl is a fan who cheers for a girl idol.

A female lover is a otaku who goes to an idol scene to make a woman fan at the idol scene a hand. In other words, they are hated people in the field.

Up until now, the site I visited as a female writer is mainly AKB branch. It is SKE or NMB. The reason is that the scale is large anyway, so there are many female writers. Even if it says many, it is 20% of the whole, but because the denominator is large, the number naturally increases. After all, if there are a lot of girls, nature and rate of cute children will increase.

Oh, by the way, I'm a girl and most are busses. I look for a cute child among them.

So, it was a royal road way to hold hands off the ticket you own, to give a good seat, and gradually close the distance.

And it is j ● l Harajuku of Harajuku that is hot recently.

A new style commercial facility that combines entertainment and food courts. That is to say, the point is that you can see the stage of the idol while drinking tapioca. And the place is Takeshita Street. 90% are girls.

That's why I just let me do it here recently.

So, Arisa-chan, who lets me release the video this time, has been a great deal above all in recent times. A girl who is chasing an idol but wants to be an idol if they have a chance if they ask, a girl who secretly wants to stand on the stage.

Actually there are many such children.

I want to be an idol and I have confidence in my appearance, but I do not know how to be. I do not know where to enter the office and which group I can sell, so I'm taking a second step. Type. However, if I go to the scene, maybe I can hear from the person in charge of the operation, and somehow I support it while thinking whether the way to the idol will be opened.

A cute girl who is more cute than the idol himself. Such a child is buried. And, because such a child stands out even in the field and women gathers at once, it is a battle w

Winning such competition, this video that saw the light of the day is a great treasure!

"The most cute in the field," "But it is more cute than the idol," Arisa-chan, who isn't a mandarin if it is cheated. I want to be an idol if possible, so I'm strongly inclined to climb, and I'm turning the camera, and I'm not particularly alert. There is even a thing that seems rather happy.

Such Arisa-chan's estimated E-Cup tits are Purunprun. If you continue to dance, you will be able to tighten naturally, and if you only have a single shot, this is the best. Best means insulting.

Teen girls are cute because they will replace sex if you tell me that I could just say, "It was fun, please talk again if you see me in the field."

Video: 57 minutes 24 seconds
1280 × 720

※ This is a situation video.
※ Age confirmation of subject is surely done and we have copy of age confirmation documents.

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