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A beautiful girl student dressed up in a hatten place in Ikebuku


A beautiful girl student dressed up in a hatten place in Ikebuku
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I think that I know if you are fond of mascots, but this time I met a feminine girl was in Ikebukuro.
A brief description of A-le is a video box on the front. By the way, it is not anal.
There is a reception and video room on the 4th floor.
And when you go to the shelf where the video is lined up, there are a couple of girls.
You can lightly touch the buttocks there as well.
However, if you want more than that, it is recommended to pay 500 yen additional and go to the 5th floor.
There are a counter and a lounge five times, and there is a private room at the back of it. If you go further back there is a dark room that says "Reading Space".
It seems like a place to read a book, as the name suggests, because there are several comic books, but it is so dark that the eyes become worse when you read a book, and because there is also a tissue, there is a touch or feeling there. It seems that many people are present.
Whenever I go to the reading space, I am exposed to Ji ○ port and waiting for someone to come.
In the counter on the 5th floor, there is a part-time girl-dresser who can order drinks and can talk.
However, the purpose of many pure men going to the 5th floor is to meet a girl who has come to play.
She calls a girl sitting on a sofa in the counter or lounge and takes her to a private room or invites her to a date.
On that day, the only pure man who was on the 5th floor was me.
It is a girl dressed student who picked up this time who came there.
“I would like to drink something? Please let me drink it,” she told her who was sitting at the counter nervously.
She asked for cola. I shook her on a topic like "I want to dress as a girl, but I want you to teach me some tips that will make you look beautiful," because I hate to ask questions at such times.
What I found in the conversation was that she came from Sendai, that she was the first person in the room, that she had no experience with Naru, she felt that she had a nipple.
So I asked the hotel to say something like "I feel like I have a nipple and I feel confident that I feel comfortable with the other party".
○ Make a promise that you can not put a finger or even a finger ○ po in Naru.
Her answer was ok. And the state after being taken to a hotel is this animation.
Watch the video to see what you did at the hotel.
Although I do not do radical things such as insertion, I am not a pretty girl-girl with a beautiful form so far by an amateur, and the character was also modest and was the highest.
It seems that you usually live normally as a boy.
By the way, the normal time of Penicli covered 80% of the skin.
I can not forget the embarrassed expression when I peeled it by hand and the loveliness of Penicli who was stiff and hard against embarrassment.
The erection can not be stopped only by remembering the appearance that the cowpers of each other are mixed together and pulled the thread while putting together.

Video: 23 minutes 54 seconds
Video is in mpeg4 format.
Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about the picture.

This video is taken in accordance with the Japanese laws and regulations, and there is no illegal activity.
I am sure to check the age of the subject, and I also have a copy of the age verification document.

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