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[original personal shooting] 20 years old shit excretion shit li SALE


[original personal shooting] 20 years old shit excretion shit li
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[Original individual photo shoot] 20 years old Poop excretion Poop licking

A 20-year-old girl I met in a dating relationship.
This girl also met at the station and went straight to the love hotel.

A slightly rough skin with a bright personality and well-organized features.

Has experience in dating,
Customs just to see a man's masturbation? There is also experience.

I have been in the interview,
It seems to be quite masochistic, it seems to be excited when ordered by a man,
When I asked, I heard that it is possible to expose on the train and shoot poo.

Before, it seems that you had an enema and had marbles in the anal before anal sex,
It seems that the poop has never been seen, so it is the first time to experience poop shooting.

Moreover, when I asked him to lick his poop, which he just put out...
Grab it with your hand and put it in your mouth, or try it...

I'm getting on well and I'm removing the saddle,
In SM club, maniac transformation play that you can not do without paying 50,000 or 100,000 as an option,
If you meet a good girl during dating, it may be a proof that you can do it soon.

Contents: Interview, scat, pooping, licking

Video approximately 21 minutes 46 seconds

The appearance is an amateur girl and is an amateur shoot, so please don't expect too much.
However, I think that there is no big loss because we sell only items above a certain level.

However, the daughter I met for the first time did not tell me that I wanted to shoot poo
(Rather, only girls who have never taken naked photos)

Why are such girls pooping in front of the camera...
Please enjoy it as a video that you like.

If you are uncertain about purchasing, I would like you to look at one and make a decision.

As for past works, I also introduce them on the site, so
Please search in "".

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スカトロ、妊婦…を中心に、オリジナル画像&動画を販売します (^-^)
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