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[Ass HD] Striped pants are too tight and the panties line is too NEW


[Ass HD] Striped pants are too tight and the panties line is too
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■ □ Introduction □ ■

"Osiriski" loves the ass of a lovely older sister you see in the city.

At first, I personally enjoyed shooting it ...

I would be happy if I could share it with people with the same taste, so I will publish it.

■ □ Product Description □ ■

Perhaps the ass Patsun Patsun older sister who was shopping while on the move or during breaks.

The panty line that wraps the big butt in striped pants is clear!

The butt that wriggles in the pants seems to be a little cramped ww

It's transparent enough to see the "lace edging" of the panties.

Of course, the walking scene and shopping scene are also the best ...

What you really need is the "escalator" scene!

You can worship the big hips and the panty line that is "serious or w"

I wonder if this person is unaware, so I should tell my colleague OL or something, but www

・ Recording time: 07 minutes 02 seconds
・ Video format: MP4 / H264
・ Resolution: 1080x1920 (FullHD / vertical video)
・ Video capacity: 1.38GB
・ Video audio: Yes (with some corrections)

* This is a high-quality work that is a reduction of the original video to "Full HD".

■ □ Notes □ ■

・ This shooting will be a situation shooting by a model over 20 years old.

・ Secondary and tertiary use such as sharing, transfer, and resale of this video is strictly prohibited.

・ This video is a completely original video work by "Osirisky".

【Tags】 Older sister Gal OL JD Married woman Mature woman Panties Panties line Ass Deca-ass Big butt Big butt Sheer City sh
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