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A 20-year-old female college student with a baby face panting on


A 20-year-old female college student with a baby face panting on
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A 20-year-old female college student challenges her first Gonzo.
Her first shoot was tense and the reaction was awkward at the beginning of the interview.

She has a delicate body and a baby face, so she seems to be convinced that she is still before college.
Her neck and arms are thin, her shoulders are narrow, her legs are slender and her skin is smooth.

She was recommended because her friend was having fun on the AV, and she broke up with her boyfriend, so she seems to have applied this time.
She doesn't watch much AV and comes to shoot without knowing what AV is like.
She says she will quit AV soon if she has a boyfriend.

Her first experience was at 15, and her partner was her boyfriend at the time.
Her experience is 5 people and she seems to have never had sex with her.
In my private life, I only play normally, and I haven't changed much.

When her breasts are rubbed over her clothes, her body is rattling with tension and embarrassment.
When she rolls up her clothes and rubs her breasts over her bra, her voice leaks faintly.

Unhook her bra and slide it up, she has a small but well-shaped breast and her nipples are already standing in Bing.
She feels a modest voice as she licks her nipples.

If you touch the dick from the top of her shorts, you can see that the dick is getting hot.
The reaction is modest, but the body's sensitivity seems to be good.

If you take off your shorts and touch the dick from the top of your pants, you can see that it is damp through the pants.
It seems to be quite wet, and even if you touch it from the top of your pants, you will sometimes hear "kucha" and "picha" sounds.

If you finger the chestnut that is an erogenous zone, the man juice will overflow and it will become slimy.
When the rotor that is used for the first time is applied to the chestnut, the pant voice becomes loud and the waist also moves.
If you keep hitting the rotor as it is, the pant voice will become louder and your body will shake and you will reach the climax.

When it is inserted in the missionary position, the facial expression changes completely and it makes a loud voice and panting.
When it is inserted, it feels more comfortable than embarrassment, and it will show a naughty appearance.

When she climbs up in her cowgirl position, she gradually changes her rhythm and shakes herself.
Since the man juice is overflowing, the insertion part is sticky.

When it is pierced in the back or coronation, it makes a cute pant voice and panting.
At the end, she was violently fucked at missionary posture again, and a large amount was shot on her face, causing her body to convulsions.
It is exciting to see a naughty body with big tits and outstanding sensitivity getting soaked in the dick and repeatedly cumming and panting.

Time: 66 minutes 55 seconds mp4

* The performers are over 18 years old and have obtained the consent of the shooting.

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