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[Foot Fetish] Mio-24 years old-Challenge planning with Santa Cos


[Foot Fetish] Mio-24 years old-Challenge planning with Santa Cos
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It's already December!
So, Mio, a very popular beautiful foot model, took a picture with Santakos this time!

With smooth skin and soft soles, the beauty of her feet is at its maximum!
This time, Santa Cosplay is exploding in sexyness ...!

The toes and soles of the beautiful raw feet, which are painted with X'mas color pedicure from this bright red clothes and skirt, will show off to your heart's content ...!
And this time, she is trying various things with her feet!

The various contents are ...!

Wearing thin beige stockings ...!
Wearing thin black stockings ...!
Imprint white body cream on the soles of her feet ...!
Open the cap of the plastic bottle with her feet!
Rinse her feet covered with lotion in the shower!

Cross-legged feet! Full body shots! Of course, there are also close-up shots of the toes and soft soles!

It's a collection of insanely sexy and exciting photos!

[Model details]
・ 153 cm
・ Foot size 23.5cm

[Details of the photobook]
・ HQ photos taken with a single-lens reflex camera!
・ Fingerprints are clear, and you can feel the smooth texture of the skin and the soft feel of the soles of her feet.
・ Maximum 6016 x 4000 pixels
(Some photos are cropped due to the file size limit)
・ Satisfied volume 149 sheets!
・ Bare nails!
・ Christmas color pedicure!
・ Sole of the foot with a thin white body cream left!
・ Feet that are covered with lotion and take a shower!
・ Cross-legged sole!
・ Beige pantyhose!
・ Black pantyhose!

And this time!
Regular price 1,400 yen ...
[Limited Christmas special price until December 31st] It is a big release for 1,225 yen!!!

Please take this opportunity to purchase!!!

* Since it is compressed into a zip file,
Please decompress with decompression software such as Lhaca.

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