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【Photoset】 One day in summer  Momokosumomo


【Photoset】 One day in summer  Momokosumomo
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One summer day, a photo book of my foot fetish.

Drive to the sea with her.
It ’s dangerous to drive with platform sandals.
She has no choice but to take off her sandals and step on the accelerator pedal barefoot.

Blue sky, blue sea, pure white clouds.

Flip-flops on the sandy beach.
Her understated nails are cute and fascinating on her toes.

She said she could tuck up her hem and go into the sea.
She eventually lost her balance and got soaked.

The soles of her feet sitting at the beach and twilight
She was wet and dazzlingly reflected.

Into the car to cool off.
She mischievously throws her legs here in a narrow car.
And even on the windshield.

As mentioned above, we have recorded a photograph of the sole of the foot that shows such an image.

If you are a fan of Momoko-chan, please take a look at this work that makes you feel summer!

[Number of images] 182

[Image size] 6000 x 4000-3089 x 2048

[Model] Plum peach T: 156cm S: 23.5cm

* This product is compressed into a zip file, so
Please decompress with decompression software such as Lhaca.

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