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Tall & Perfectly Styled! Model-level style beautiful girl's peac


Tall & Perfectly Styled! Model-level style beautiful girl's peac
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I spotted a very tall model!
I think it was partly due to her shoes, but she was almost as tall as the average height of a man, so she stood out a lot.
Her hair was gal-like, but she might have been a clerk at a gal-type apparel store.

I observed her carefully and found that she was a beautiful woman with show pants that contained her delicious peach buttocks and her beautiful raw legs stretching out from them, so I decided to observe her further.

As luck would have it, she was heading in the same direction as me on the escalator, so I was able to take a good look at her ass and legs.

Moreover, I realized later that she was also giving me a glimpse of her stomach.
It's a very sexy fashion.

After the three escalator rides in a row, I was able to watch her walking in the shopping mall.
She is quite stylish, and the way her firm buttocks move in a glamorous manner is breathtaking.
I guess she is a model or something.

The last scene is a slow playback of her ass moving in the mall.
Enjoy the long and gorgeous body!

The characters in this film are over 18 years old.
The characters in this film are models and are filmed with their consent.
This work is filmed as an image video for the sole purpose of public release.
Secondary use or reprinting of images or videos is strictly prohibited.

Play time...5min 38sec

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【Tags】 street photography beautiful legs voyeuristic style show pants P-line ass 20s gal clothed ass beautiful beauty peach ass fetish
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