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[4K] Dental Hygienist Series 01-2 - Dental Hygienist Masturbates


[4K] Dental Hygienist Series 01-2 - Dental Hygienist Masturbates
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Ms. XXawa is a receptionist and hygienist at XXX Dental Clinic.

I asked her to change into a swimming suit and started filming...

She seemed to be excited by the unrealistic situation.

You can see through the camera that her body is starting to tingle.

The way she thrusts her buttocks out is also quite aggressive.

And she can't stop touching her own body...

Finally, she started touching her pussy through her swimming suit.

Gradually, a faint moan leaked out.

I sat down, stood up, and continued to touch her pussy in various positions.

Her dazzling blue swimming suit shines against her translucent white skin.

She has slender proportions and beautifully curved buttocks.

I could not imagine her in her usual white gown.

This ignited my fetish spirit.

The white swimming suit would be the perfect match for her translucent white skin.

This white swimming suit is not so much white as it is...

(to be continued)

Click here for the sequel.
4K] Dental Hygienist Series 01-3 - Dental Hygienist is too transparent in white swimming suit!

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