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Tall and beautiful legged prison guard Aya Cruciatus Masochistic


Tall and beautiful legged prison guard Aya Cruciatus Masochistic
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Tall and beautiful legged prison guard Aya Cruciatus Masochistic man teases handjob and blames immediately after massive ejaculation

Aya-chan, a prison officer with a height of 173cm,
The crucified masochistic man is teased and given a hand job, leading to massive ejaculation.

A hard erect penis of a masochist man in a crucified state
I will bully you as much as I like.
Not just a monotonous jerk,
Stroking it with his palm, massaging and squeezing his balls,
I squeeze it between her beautiful legs in pantyhose and my buttocks...
She uses all kinds of handjob techniques to toy with the masochist man.

Maybe it's because I've played it so many times,
M man's orgasm point and feeling like he's about to orgasm
You can find out. I'm just a few steps away from ejaculation
He can see through it perfectly and stop or release his jerking hand.
There's nothing like this. Nipple snoring is also added,
You will hear the screams of the M man begging for ejaculation.

Perhaps because I had to stop over and over again,
An incredible amount of semen gushed out.
It can't be helped since I was still crucified and was irritated.
The masochist man was on the verge of fainting from how good it felt.
However, he is not given any time to rest as he is attacked right after he ejaculates...

I want to ejaculate a lot with a teasing handjob while crucified,
Recommended only for those masochistic men who like hand jobs.


The sample video is here.
*The sample video is of the entire work.
Please note.

●We have confirmed that the people appearing in this work are over the age of 18.
●The people appearing in this work are models, and their consent is taken before being photographed.
●Secondary use, resale, reprint, etc. are strictly prohibited.

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