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Uniform cosplay observation club infiltration report part 3 Sumo


Uniform cosplay observation club infiltration report part 3 Sumo
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Do you all know? No conversation or contact!
We continue to provide radical services without becoming obsolete.
A tour club where you can just enjoy watching girls!
Infiltrating a tour club that is rumored to be the most popular in Tokyo.

Sumo-chan looks good in pink psyllium
The short bob style hair is also perfect for an innocent look.
I can't get enough of the fleshy thighs that can be seen from the seated position.
The panties are a purple color that looks surprisingly mature.
From panty shot time to crawl on all fours
I met Momojiri safely lol
The panties also look like thongs
The student's expectations and lower body are swollen.
The one with her skirt rolled up and digging into her peach buttocks
Unmistakable T-back confirmed lamp
Yes, I passed lol

Momojiri-chan approaches while slowly swinging from side to side.
Is it a provocative dance lol?
4545 I'm holding back on what I want to do.
Sumomo-chan's posture is forward...
As I slowly took off my dark blue long-sleeved sweater,
Big breasts that can be clearly seen even from the top of the Y-shirt
From there, when you pull up your Y-shirt, you will see a big breasts confirmation lamp.
Her idol face, peach butt big breasts and specs are too high lol

From titjob time with pink psyllium
Introducing players from the breasts on the left side lol
Immediately the breast on the right side also opens lol
The lighting in the store was dark and I couldn't see clearly.
To capture Sumomo-chan's breasts on both sides on camera
Take the plunge and switch on your own lights
For a moment, it seemed as if Sumomo's eyes met hers.
Once you've come this far, you can't turn back lol
So that both breasts can be seen clearly
Sumomo-chan also lowers her bra.

Enough boobs around here
I guess the student's desire to see the lower body as soon as possible got through to her.
Sumomo-chan also made a big side change to her lower body.
He squeezes the front of her panties and digs into them.
And when I take off my skirt
In the best condition with bra shift + front T-shirt lol
Today's main dish is finally approaching.

The pitch on both sides of the panties seems to be smooth.
While I was expecting the boy's favorite shaved pussy, my hand finally reached the string of her panties.
And the best pitch condition that exceeds expectations will appear lol
Let's also correct the previous formula.
Idol face + bra shift + front T + shaved pussy
This is the birth of the highest level player ever.

I got too excited during the photo shoot.
What happened after that was almost completely blank lol
Looking back at the video
9898 time with her hips raised from M-shaped state
Hidden psyllium from standing state
Of course there's no way I can hide it lol
Further standin 9898 time
Play begins using the black mini electric massager
Finish almost at the same time as the time limit rings lol

Too excited about the situation in another dimension
This time I decided to share it with you all.

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As this is an amateur work, please refrain from expecting too much.
There is no relation to any real person or organization.
Sold in accordance with Japanese law.
Secondary use, transfer, reproduction, resale, etc. is strictly prohibited.
We will take strict action against unauthorized reproduction or sale.

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