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Kana, a tall slut in a competitive swimsuit, apnea facesitting &


Kana, a tall slut in a competitive swimsuit, apnea facesitting &
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Kana, a tall slut in a competitive swimsuit, apnea facesitting & squeezing dick stepping electric massage

Kana-chan, a 175cm tall competitive swimsuit super sadistic coach
It is apnea facesitting & squeezing dick stepping electric massage play.

The crotch of the competitive swimsuit fits perfectly to the masochist man's nose and mouth,
I will perform apnea facesitting to stop the breath.
The feel, warmth, and smell of your pussy.
Even if I try to feel the happiness that can be experienced through a competitive swimsuit,
I have no breathing room as my nose and mouth are completely blocked and I am unable to breathe.
Moreover, the nipples are stretched out and twisted as they are stretched out.
I can't hold my breath anymore.
A masochistic man who sloppily tries to escape,
It seems like he still hasn't learned how to take a breather.

Then it's time for the electric massager to squeeze the dick and step on it.
Extreme stimulation using the pressure of being tall
We approach the masochistic man's erect penis.
I thought he gave me a violent vibration,
Raise his beautiful legs high and swing them down towards his crotch.
A dick stepping that crushes the balls and erect penis.
There are so many explosions that I don't even have time to catch my breath.
A weakly erect dick is teased with the soles of her feet.
I was training the M man.

Apnea facesitting in a competitive swimsuit
I want to be trained with an electric massage machine that presses my penis,
Such a foot fetish, facesitting fetish, competitive swimsuit fetish
Recommended only for masochist men.


The sample video is here.
*The sample video is of the entire work.
Please note.

●We have confirmed that the people appearing in this work are over the age of 18.
●The people appearing in this work are models, and their consent is taken before being photographed.
●Secondary use, resale, reprint, etc. are strictly prohibited.

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