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No.10 Close-up interview with a woman whose body curves from a s


No.10 Close-up interview with a woman whose body curves from a s
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This is a close-up interview of a woman whose S-shaped curve from a slim waist to a big buttocks moves in a twisting motion.

Every time she walks, her hips twist and turn and her big buttocks shake...
It's like a declaration of war against buttock lovers.
You'll feel the urge to grab it.

The main content is a careful recording from behind, focusing on her lewd big buttocks.
Not only can you see her buttocks from a close distance, but you can't miss the juicy fleshiness of her buttocks from a side angle.
The footage was pretty good, and we managed to fit the video size into one

There may be cases where sales end soon after they begin!
In that case, please note that G-Colle will not resell the item.


◆Video length 10:04 (no slow motion)
◆Size 1920 (horizontal) x 1080 (vertical)
◆Frame rate 59.94fps
◆Codec H.265
◆Audio None

※We recommend using the following software to play the video.
・Windows Media Player
・VLC media player

・It has been confirmed that the people appearing in this work are over 18 years old.
・Permission has been obtained from the people appearing in the video to be filmed in advance.
・To protect privacy, the faces of the models in the main video have been blurred.
・Sales may end without notice.
・Secondary use of images and videos from this content without permission is prohibited.
・This content does not violate the terms of use.

【Tags】 Big ass ass shaking slender plump beautiful street photography clothed voyeur style fetish amateur
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