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Along with a vengeance to the same generation father that love b


Along with a vengeance to the same generation father that love b
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Seeing always , thank you very much .
I have carefully examined the sample , such as if it is good ,
Please enjoy it when it was like You Like .

Wife , let alone is single Ala for father that not even her.
You have come home exhausted at work ,
If you are eating lunch in a small convenience store room ,
It is every day to become a feeling dreary downright miserable .

Even try out the face , such as town Con and want to meet ,
Alas , it has become the age that is not even to the other anymore .

Acquaintance of the same age have been married a long time ago ,
When I hear a story such as child goes to a high school, I ... I bought an apartment ,
I will be Itatamarenai feeling .

I have continued to compensated dating is ,
Perhaps there is also a part of revenge against the man who Kizuke such a happy family .

" We're holding with gold daughter you guys have brought up happy ... "
" I 've brought up to cut and all public opening the groin to compensated dating dirty old man ... "

While I think that such , we are riding on top of the girls active once a month .

I'm sorry ... , the story I have derailed violently .

Girl this time , I was holding is a classmate of junior high school age of children that I met before .
Called the ( lily ) lily a name ( real name seems ) .
The moment I met at the meeting , and I was feeling shocked to the sailor .
It was a uniform of the famous girls' high school that was in the mood all the way apparent in the commuter train .

At the same time I think " Oh my God ... I wonder cute ... "
Girl of such a young lady school Naa 've got to compensated dating "
Kangaibukaku , and I was examined from top to bottom .

It would have been rigid discipline to mom and dad .
Straight black hair that feeling that is not playing drifts ,
Skirt is knee-length of school regulations Street .
Such serious child , I fittingly ... type .

Nose lips , well-equipped Plump big eyes , a small mouth that was ... bright .
Element that would definitely beautiful when I grow up was the full .
Child you have introduced me to also because it was an honor student type ,
Do you said to call a friend , class is probably introduced me to serious child similar .

" Is it all right with me ... ? "
And , feeling that I gingerly ask is , was without good feeling with familiar assistance .
I was invited to ( Love Hotel ) where there is no public eye and , of course 'm fine .

Even since the beginning of the hotel so that I was Hanashikon many things with .
Usually , because there is no conversation only with fucking fucking boss and co-workers of the company ,
Talk with girl away of the year doing this is I am to become a really healing .

How did you started compensated dating sex ,
Assumes that you are in charge of the horn in the brass band in high school ,
That you are going out with the captain of the handball I liked much ,
Travel ... etc of Hokkaido , I went with my sister and mom and dad .

Better of her , like fun to father opponent of adult different from the parents and classmates .
I became friends immediately . Love will come more and more springs .
Know about Knowing the private active students , love feeling will increase .

I'd become in love with the girl to always compensated dating ,
She also had a enough charm to make love to me .

However , it does not met in order to speak today of course .
It is a sufficient JK Cafe If you just talk .
It is not issued in each other mouth , but I feel it somewhere .
Subtle tactics and this tension will increase the libido further .

I 'd like to have sex .

I want to penetrate in the penis rigid father , a body that does not dirty the active high school girls .
And come after death in young vagina hole the stress accumulated at work , I want to diverge with all one's might .

Even while talking happily , penis is already Gingin .
It would be the effect of [ ] KAMAGRA that you obtained in the Internet .

At the time the conversation is stopped , stroked the black hair to attract a small body of her ,
I Shiteyari the Berokisu that entangle the tongue slowly .

The lack of experience only kiss my boyfriend it likely ,
Breath smell of my father , and then face the unpleasant seem a little saliva sticky .
Let me entertain exactly the minute you're still paying .

And this is the best part of sex with minors .
If it bears the risk of losing public trust ,
Only pleasure this conquest feeling , a feeling of immorality does not quit .

Across a small body , while the waist and lashed bread in one hand a video camera ,
I thought about the future of this or her parents of the girl .

"I 'm doing take a sex video of the daughter who was brought up carefully "

" When you get married you into adulthood , and ... I do not erase the past you open the crotch to compensated dating father " he said.

Pleasure and excitement to commit pussy active students reached the climax ,
I was raised by my father ejaculation with all one's might to skirt of her uniform .

Uniforms skirt became clammy been Bukkake semen
I saw a strange disgusting her stare with a tearful face is ... .

[ Play the contents of the compensated dating sex ]
· ( To be immediately Barre school in uniform Mania 's ... ) for school wear sailor suit
School life , fun interview
Lecture how to play the " horn " in the brass band
- Stroking ass active JK you wanted to do much in the commuter train ( pervert pretend )
• The saliva exchange Berokisu sweet and sour D → kiss your mouth in a small active-duty women ● raw
· ( Diddums ) pat a beautiful black hair
- Check carefully the loafers Muremure at school
• The suction Zuppori a navy blue Hiso of smell that pungent JK is wearing all day
· Rolled rubbing tits active duty does not touch too much masturbation
· Blame tension thelerethism → pointy once stroked for school student bra
· Shooting slowly and carefully attending school for students your panty
And observation let me spread biting into a beautiful pink pussy of active duty women ● raw
- Once stroked a finger dirty old man pretty pussy not to make profits of active duty JK
For a long time cunnilingus ( wind-up shooting) a really delicious shaved pussy
· I ask them across the face to women's active duty ● raw , face sitting cunnilingus mouth until the pussy taste
Vibe insertion of the first experience so as to protrude the JK hip
- Cheek briefs stuffy smell of Lehman father worked the 1st
· ( We will continue to erection and bit by bit ) and Handjob → show erection penis to active duty students
Face - slap of JK in father cock
JK - active of the brass band is Hyottoko Blow is amazing suction force → Sucking penis
Deep and forced across in the groin smell father in the face of women ● raw
· Insert while apologizing and " Sorry for the old man ," an important pussy of active duty women ● raw
- Love love love missionary position sex and excitement sailor JK
· Genital coupling portion throat -up photography of pussy of JK and penis of father
Waist pretend cowgirl hard active duty women ● raw becomes on top of the father
And with the back Saddle doggy pose turn the uniform skirt
Bold - standing back and active duty JK on the love hotel bed
Back → Doggy Style Saddle, Standing in front of the mirror and the generation of active duty sailor after school
Finish piston while staring at the cute face of JK
• The rich father semen Bukkake mass in important for school uniform skirt
• The semen cleaned tissue instead uniform skirt

[Video details]
Video time : about 50 minutes
Frame : 720 × 480
Size: Approximately 300MB format (WMV)
※ Because there is the case that I can not play or if you are jittery video playback depending on the player ,
We recommend playback in Windows Media Player. Free download here ↓

※ not an adult video of the general , it is compensated dating SEX video private .
Since I think that there is dissatisfaction to those looking for intense SEX, please be careful .
※ To prevent invasion of privacy - Barre school girl , boyfriend Barre , the parent Barre ,
We are modifications to the sample , but it is in plain view all the main volume .
※ I do not perform any act of compliance with Japanese law , contrary to the laws and ordinances .
※ actors on , it was confirmed by identification that they are 18 years of age or older ,
It has taken a contract .
※ The image , video , sound , in the context of the present work other , provided to a third party , transfer , sale ,
By performing the act etc. are strictly prohibited .
Immediately , I will take legal action if it finds .

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