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Me open the crotch to middle-aged man there is a strong interest


Me open the crotch to middle-aged man there is a strong interest
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Long time no see?
Only compensated dating with the current ● raw is a coarse salt of life for father .
Please read it if you want .

This time it was after a while new school year has begun ,
Uniform girls of the city but it is also time to regain composure .

This season of the summer before high school for girls ,
You can be a new friend , boyfriend of a classmate or can ...
You can stumble on the study , you can begin to play an active part in the club ...
It should have been a time when it was very substantial .

Hard as possible , and they will continue enjoying the youth with all one's might in a small body to Nari young girls .

I one of the speaking , not even a friend to go for a drink , let alone she and daughter-in-law ,
The bra with the city , with the women Ganmi active high school girls ,
We are in daily routine to be "observation " and " ecology " .

Just looking at the cheerful figure which was lively girls in uniform ,
It's become a very happy mood .

It's easy a vested interest in girls high school girls really active .

However , in order to overcome the sexual desire not fit to just looking ,
Again and again I will do compensated dating .
Miserably , even knowing that's risky behavior ,
I do not quit and if I remember the body of active students at a time.
Compensated dating might May I say in some ways , a drug .

Well this time , a little girl that I have bought ,
(This is called here) Kokoro-bi , is a sophomore .

I 'll say first .
I ended up drowning in her young body .
Snob father of middle-aged , I became hooked really a child of active duty .
I leave to you a brief description of the encounter with her .

Although we have become caught up in the regulations now ,
Appearance of L ● NE was some kind of revolution for the man to do compensated dating .
Certain time , to there was a time jk is like a dream of the lot green ,
It will be men who tasted the state eating put there were many .

Also I'm thinking about compensated dating means of the active students at all times ,
The wind of the smell sensitive , Luggage the benefits of L ● NE compensated dating bubble ,
I successfully keep active students of several people .
And ( the girl who can shoot individual is committed to little by little upcoming )

There are also such of that because it was " eating into state " ,
You will was able to shoot the aim of beautiful girl on the case like this .

As you can see , looks Fukada Kyoko system is superlative .
It is a beautiful girl of top grade in the class , let alone the most .

But what would a trouble adolescent girls -specific ,
"I want to find the value in compensated dating because there is no self-esteem "
They wanted to do a confession also true intention , such like .
Even Kawai how , It is the one girl of poor social experience still .
While it is a good problem for us compensated dating side ... of course .

And , " I like sex "
I also have audacity to us to confess and blatantly .

Sometimes just , I was also dented at work ,
It's thought to be " I want to have sex with all one's might and a little girl ."

And having sex with diffidence and School Girls Me obedient also it is like ,
To want to enjoy sex fully hit the sexual desire of middle-aged man once in a while ,
There was also real intention of as male .

I was surprised at first to meet .
The photo of several times it was a pretty girl .
It was " the type you want to bride " right out .
I would immediately erection if you think that we will be sex with this child .

As you talk to on to love hotel while pounding ,
You are also taking care of his brother and sister , I was told also that it is the older sister at home .
Is it a So , I feel the maternal faintly in gesture and speech .

Then, in the joints of the conversation , the whiff of true masochist reverse has glimpses look and .
With like put Erotic switch from the time it enters the love hotel ,
I was alone the " aura , please bullying " blatantly .

Trying to become a good feeling in sex with minors , it is downright luxurious high school girls .
So , I've decided I'll be a little mean . It is the force of masturbation .

If you 'll handed pink rotor ,
It showed me more than I cleared to panty over in practiced hand .
It is a masochist masturbation active high school girls .
It seems to have been a girl odious than you think .

I would like the room with my sister at home ,
That it and is enjoying Manzuri masturbation aimed at the chance of a sister .
That there also was Tsu -Ona in the toilet of the school ,
It seems to have been Ona favorite girl of the intrinsic .

We've been able to stain wetting of the vertical stripe in panties ,
Hairless crack is exposed Innovation pudding would let us take off reluctantly .
Is not it a beautiful shaved pussy !
Cheap hair removal salon aimed at students seem to be more and more recently ,
It was with were challenged throughout the body hair removal with your friends .

From between the banks of the soft meat on both sides with the plump
Clitoris and cute Nyokkiri came out your face .

The moment I saw it , I also I have arrived fire .
It was decided that it I'll bullying thoroughly this child .

If you 'll suck it noisily and Choo Choo chestnuts and crack ,
I will not tell you play the body with delight .

The blame rotor uninhibited From there ,
Cunnilingus that over a long period of time ,
Finger pussy and of using the finger of bold father ,
And cunnilingus ... thrusting allowed to Facesitting ,
Te bullying the lower body , Te bullying , I was raised by far bullying .

Throughout that blame her ,
My penis was engorged and much painful taut to Gitchigichi .
Girls Doemu that Kai was the first time this much responsibility .

In the last straw , penis was looking for a friction stimulation by young vagina hole .
Pushed down by her , has been inserted into Zuppuri hairless crack the erection cock .

At the moment it is inserted
" This child ... I wonder if there become a bride of my future "
There was something enigmatic and premonition .
The less , pussy and her penis my fit perfectly ,
It's stick as Onaho . Excellent compatibility .

More of her seems was good condition considerably .
Do not even hide the true nature of horny sex lovers such hungrily ,
You have carved a rhythm to match the piston my waist .
Penis of the father with the holes in the active high school girls and Nutchanutcha is rubbing .

When you get to become the top -sitting ,
The place feels as my seems to know , I'll be using the pounding hip .

High school girls to the waist pretend aggressive so because it was the first time ,
I also become happy .
You push up from the bottom to the rhythm of her .
They both had become drunk on each other's genitals .
Love Love is sore about those who are watching the video tends to jealousy ( shame ) .

Cute , gentle , compatibility of etch also good . It is the wife of my ideal .
This will not be an exaggeration to say with a high school girl and his wife " wedding night video " .

With me , please enjoy the video to make children lovey-dovey with his future wife to love .

[ Play Contents ]
• The ( not undressed to the end I love ! ) For school uniforms smell of school ingrained
· ( Diddums ) pat a beautiful black hair
• The foot extract each Zuppori sucking Muremure navy blue Hiso that jk wore all day
- Once stroked school 's underwear → check student bra
· Shooting slowly and carefully for school students your panty
Masochist and fXXXXd masturbation let me use the pink rotor
And observation spread biting into a beautiful skin color active-duty women pussy ● raw
Cute - thin profits of your active duty jk Shaved bank tinkering Plump → stroking her pussy
• The favorite pink rotor child clitoris caress it ( stronger vibration)
• The cunnilingus long time slaver covered a really delicious shaved pussy
· jk face sitting cunnilingus and ask them across the face to women's active duty ● raw
• The father briefs cheek fXXXXd to active duty students
• The knowing of Tai Chablis early , Oazuke Handjob
· Sucking cock in children Blow → Hyottoko face active duty students Hobari the father cock
· Sixty Nine to immerse yourself in the world of love love two people completely
• The saliva Berokisu sweet and sour kiss → to Punipuni duck lips of active duty women ● raw
· Insert While apologize as " Sorry for the old man ," an important pussy girl
- ( The teasing inserted many times ) missionary position sex and excitement of active duty uniforms jk love
· Genital coupling portion throat -up photography of pussy of jk and penis of father
Waist pretend cowgirl flashy active women ● raw becomes on top of the father
And with the back Saddle doggy pose turn the uniform skirt
De erotic fuck hungrily such a small production of active duty after school
- Love love missionary position " love " and " I love you " while chanted
Finish piston while staring at the cute face of jk top grade class
• The important skirt schoolgirl , vigorously launch the semen as pee
• The semen cleaned tissue instead uniform skirt

[Video details]
Video time : about 50 minutes
Frame : 720 × 480
Size: Approximately 300MB format (WMV)
※ Because there is the case that I can not play or if you are jittery video playback depending on the player , we recommend playback in Windows Media Player.

※ Japanese law , state ordinances , etc. , and you should comply with the Terms of Use ,
Uncensored , content corresponding to child pornography absolutely is not .
※ We have taken on the agreement is a model over the age of 18 and persons appearing .
※ work is the situation on my fancy .
※ To prevent invasion of privacy - Barre school girl , boyfriend Barre , the parent Barre ,
We are modifications to the sample , but it is completely exposed to view all in this volume .
※ I will ban secondary use of images and video of this work , transferred, reproduced , resold , etc. .
And ( immediately , I do legal formalities without warning if found )

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