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[Purse slaves] only "tribute masochist" videos Financial Dominat 5,000YEN (TAX INC.)
[Purse slaves] only "tribute masochist" videos Financial Dominat
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And from mana-like for me it is an absolute existence
It is a spy video of memorable day that have been recognized as "wallet slave".

Because I is a masochist tribute in M ​​man I do not have that seen in other
"Japan's first video uncovered the reality of wallet slave"
Also I think that it is not an exaggeration to say that.

Thing of the day meeting with Mana Miss

[M man personal shooting] amateur queen-Mana Miss [CFNM] with a small devil tech to be the man to premature ejaculation

Please check in.

Since I met Miss Mana, as part of the compensated dating,
While I was enjoying the Mazopurei paying money,
Enough to meet and if you meet, on they were attracted to its charm.

Anyway preeminent style with a beautiful woman,
And transcendence pantyhose legs that I fell in love.

In spite of the youth of 24 years old,
Words blame overwhelming techniques and man killing.
to meet every time, we have been poured in the brain drug and semen to Dobadoba and mana like.

One day, I I decided finally.

To become a "tribute slave" of this mana like.

The tribute that precious gold in beauty.
Be the beauty of nutrients.
Be Gopnik money on beauty.
That you spend a salary as an ATM of beauty.
The Financial Domination differentially thing.

That is the was my biggest dream of as M man.

And finally, and I got the decision and the other party to fulfill that dream.

On this day, and decided to set-up to meet to meet the mana-like convenience,
I will come to the hotel room.

Frankly, that such as "Please wallet slave"
The lowest offer as a human,
It was the act of takes courage than the poor love confession.

By sitting straight in one piece pants in front of mana like,

"In the future, please regularly to Mitsuga the money"
The prostrate the time of ... mana like your face would not forget and.

"You, Do not fell to the point where finally fall w"
and "I'll got because no ginger w"
That, and I looked down at me with Guess face.
※ as it up to at least "generous compensated dating partner"
It had me to the other party to have a minimum of courtesy.

Lowest creatures ... house, is the eye to see the garbage.
What a feeling of ecstasy.
It would be happy that what.

To younger beauty OL, and I fully been garbage treatment.

When you remain sitting straight was, was devoted 50,000 that was initially prepared for mana like,
My crotch with erection Ginggin
I will make a stain on pants in Cowper juice.

This is now horribly when you know it's "tribute pleasure of a masochist."

It is important gold worked hard while small salary.
That is the were being sucked into the breeze of beauty OL purse.
Mana-like Vuitton purse I saw even divinely.

I want to calm the cock of demon erection due to excitement of this abnormal play,
My so called "Egomazo" part mana like had insight.
I make the Chira and wink to the lower body.

"What I'll be treated Na Ne ginger w?"
And I am accused of eyes.

Longer in the head and has become full of that get pulled into mana like.
If you look at the mana-like sinister face,
Erotic sea cucumber lips that was the beauty face and Plump enters the eye.

I want to kiss you ... want to kiss ... you want to kiss and mana like ...

Was I have to scrounge involuntarily the "Berokisu".

Mana like it has been a bargaining as "for free?" In Effeminate face.

I wanted to quickly kiss, was handed several thousand yen to mana-like from the wallet.
Mana like while sitting on the bed,
It has been close the face to sit upright my face.

It was a sudden deep kiss.

When the tongue such as mana-like slug is churning my mouth and Rerorero,
At once in the head will become pink.
And sounded the Duero kiss sound that Netchanecha,
Saliva will come flows rapidly in the mouth.

Shame I will confess.

Only cock taut to Gachigachi kiss
And to not even touch I had been growing "ejaculation feeling".

Useless, useless, it is useless ...
Mana-sama, I will Chai said in a kiss ...

"To wonder, and No Chow just say in Chu~u? W"
Whether mana sama noticed cry and cock reaction here of mind
In addition I'll be vigorously the movement of the tongue.

Found no even while to take off your pants.
Juwa ... Juwawawa ... Innovation
Semen stain was would spread to the pants.

I am had been squid only Berokisu.

This experience was the first time.
Was also similar to the "wet dream", ejaculation that unintended.

Body has ended up trembling and knock for a while.

Mana-sama is laughing vicious.
It is a happy mind me come in Berokisu.
"You know, it probably amazing me of tech? W"
You are laughing and looking down the trembling me.

But why even after ejaculation "wise man time" did not come at all.
Perhaps my body and brain are not we recognize that "the ejaculation".
Cock the "fullest want to ejaculation" attaches convulsions remains half erection.

"To wonder, not a still out enough?"
Mana-sama is staring at the half erection penis in the face of ridicule.

"I need your help ... by hand ..."
I was begging.
Since is when you first met, you've addicted to complete
In "Shibosei by mana-like hand."
"Properly I want to put out a Dopyu~tsu with him after death by hand"
And, cock looking.

I would remove the bill from the purse before it is said to mana-like.
Also another testicles wants gold was also clanging "out".
A moment out to my salary is "been Dasa Sucking" to mana like you go.

Mana like having received the money hugged me from behind,
I will have a "hug Handjob".

This is the appeal that it is not want to see, such as "face felt by the You're".
Though, it is as much of "succubus" want nothing but squeeze the semen.

When the semi-erection cock is wrapped in a mana-like hand
Unspeakable excitement and excitement was growing.
It would be a soft hand that what.
Fingers went to overrun the cock in the terrifying movement.

In previously published video
Mana-like Handjob was expressed as "tech to be the man to premature ejaculation."

I and premature ejaculation that says it is not a "thing to lead to ejaculation in 1-2 minutes".

The premature ejaculation,
"Leave penis is semi-erection, may well be ejaculation"
"I would say that even though not in the state was erection Gingin"
Things I.

This time exactly was it.

Because it is soon from previous Berokisu ejaculation,
It was a state that is not yet the "Preparing for erection" is cock.

The back of the testicles is the itching,
Mukumuku and penis got up,
It was at that time that it was trying to finally erection.

Doku~tsu ... Doku~tsu ... Doku~tsu ... dock ...

I, I thought, "No way."

Leave cock conditions such as no different from pee
Semen and I a had leaked into the mush and mana-like hand.

It has become stunned to too much humiliation and shock.
Did not have any such pleasure of ejaculation.

Is natural.
Semen, which has climbed from testicles and ejaculation,
The urethra of erection state is the act of being fired up shear.
The mana-like Handjob, I "Noboritsumeru pleasure" is not.
I not get even give that grace.

"You know, came out w"
Mana like you confronted the semen in the hand happily.
I like to feel that you give the "pleasure", and I did not smooth.

This is ... with an overwhelming technique is "small devil tech".
And squeeze the cock is "succubus".

I was completely succumb to the other mana-like.
Pride of as a man, I lost dignity as human beings.
It is also, could not also be something from please click here to go against.

"The lying"
Lost ego I was lying to leave but say mana like.
Slowly, we are trampling the cock in the Mana-sama booties.

Such I wonder gonna last finish placed under the control of a man.
You have trampled the cock is a symbol of man in the shoe sole.
Lovely girly booties now just a weapon.

Strongly to depresses the accelerator, it is pushed strongly legs,
I'll be trampled about cock of shape changes.

Crushed and Guigui, to cock it is sandwiched booties is
Of course there is no pleasure.

It was the only fun for me
"Ejaculation pleasure" I had been deprived of the mana like.

It is also, could not also be resistance to cry in pain.
Cock also gold also, and I was completely obedience to Mana-sama.

And stripped off his booties, are insulted in the back of the legs wrapped in black stockings,
Three degrees from the cock, white liquid began to flow.

Niya Keru mana-like face has also burned in my mind now in silence.

This does not know whether the outlet of the entrance of the as M man.

However, Mana like for me is the day that became the "absolute God."
There is no doubt that it is a recording video ....

[Video details]
Video time: about 45 minutes
Frame: 720 × 480
Size: about 300MB format (WMV)

※ Japan domestic law, state ordinances, etc., and you should comply with the site Terms of Use,
Uncensored, absolutely is not content corresponding to child pornography.
※ persons appearing and we have taken over the contract is a model of 18 years of age or older.
※ work is my fancy on the theft of Tokaze situation video.
※ In order to prevent a girl of privacy infringement, company Barre, boyfriend Barre, the parent Barre,
The sample I am with modification.
※ secondary use of images and video of this work, transfer, reprint, resale, etc. I prohibited.
and (immediately if found, warning we will without legal proceedings)

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