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[HD approach upside down takes Vol.13-2] Legs shop in the clerk 500YEN (TAX INC.)
[HD approach upside down takes Vol.13-2] Legs shop in the clerk
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Previously, it has been a Yuka and amusement park date was met at matchmaking party.

This series of prequel is here ↓
[HD approach upside down takes Vol.13-1] Legs shop clerk of dating in raw Skirt 3 prequel (face there)

(Works of the last two here ↓)
[HD approach upside down takes Vol.4] Legs shop clerk of dating in raw Skirt 2 (face there)

[HD approach upside down takes Vol.1] Legs shop clerk of dating in raw underwear to (face there)

After shooting, when you can see the pants of the windup was not really excited fits.
It is more clearly it can be seen until the texture of seam or cloth.

Novella is I think there are many face bird scene than the prequel. It can also take face while aimed at the front.

The front of the pants of Yuka, have been decorated with beautiful lace, it was with a cute accent instead of the ribbon. Mature, but pants full of no feeling of luxury is a vulgar.

Is not committed a danger, I was able to come up here finally is going to create a trust relationship little by little. For information bus ○ gone the original does not have any child. We want to also go to the carefully in the future.

Now that you also take appearance and bird face in the hand of the sub-turtle give it in the bonus.

[Novella scene commentary]
The upside down the place you are (up to seam windup) escalator upside down → stairs upside down → front take → figure and face take → Game

Prequel Although it was conversation center, I have been incorporated pants scene enough to say whether this even in the novella!

Rather, since taking sudden windup of upside down from the beginning, you might emotion is not in that sense (laughs)

However, it is making earnestly If you could purchase a video, such as only pants scene is reflected, to exit to ensure even gotten a look from novella.

To those who prefer the "windup" and "front bird" is a jewel.

Because the first part is a style of conversation center, listening to the cute voice of Yuka, to see the face and healthy thighs, and you'll watch a novella and from inflated the image in the first part, only had enjoyed two to three times You.

It is over the mosaic only to sample.
Please therefore understanding is this kind of work content.
Girl face in this book, there is no mosaic pants.

You have to cut your own voice (you have to hear only as much as possible girl's voice)
As enjoy while watching the face during playback, you have to insert the image that was taken face in the video.

Still image data is included in the bonus.

We are pursuing a reality.
There is the case that sales period by the convenience is shorter, but please acknowledge.

□ video data
Play time: 13 minutes and 11 seconds
Capacity: 549MB
H264 encoding, mp4,1280 × 720,16: 9
I made sure the play in GOM player.
※ URL for the video downloaded to the commodity in the text file you have been described.
Windows7,64bit, we made sure the play in GOM player. If there is a failure to play, please download the latest version of GOM player.

□ still image data
Still image: 640 × 767px, 3000 × 4000px
A total of five / 10.2MB

Girl's face in the movie, do not do the mosaic processing pants.
Persons appearing to work, we have taken on the contract is a model of 18 years of age or older.
We will comply with Japanese law, act contrary to the laws and ordinances is not done at all.
Secondary use, transfer, reproduction, resale, etc. I is prohibited.
This work is the law, is a content based on the Terms of Use, it does not apply to child pornography.
(It has confirmed that it is at least 18 years of age by the ID card)


【Tags】  Peeping Secret Hentai Upskirt sneaking japanese school girl Skirt pants panties upside down and upside down takes Lori gal olde
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