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[HD approach upside down takes Vol.15-1] S-class cabaret Miss Da


[HD approach upside down takes Vol.15-1] S-class cabaret Miss Da
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There were several unexpected extra income from around the beginning of this year.

Myself I do not go to such usually cabaret club, but there is a bad habit that would splurge playing with and get an these margin.

It happened cabaret club made in the relationship of a friend. There we had a type of child. Groin because of the bright atmosphere and erotic lips of the child ends up Morimori, and I have to Dohamari. Cabaret club looks quagmire. .

Then he gave me the OK whopping dating When invited by the stickiness waist. But I of course only noon.

Of course was not easy to just go up there. Also through twice a week, it has been wooed over half a month. Although the friend was said to be a fool, want to be with cute child, the desire to play is there of course, if a man.

I wonder if this time only the turtle danger. . While I think, it was not still able to put up with. I think I wanted to keep just a record of the dating scene with the hostesses.

She came in the skirt on a date. "Since the woman 's not that's attractive half-skirt" when talking on the cabaret had said repeatedly, such as time and again, you'll do me O'to snuff sensitive the smell of money-spinner. It is in any case strategy is success.

Stepping on it would be no resistance if arcade dating, turn on the switch of charge turtle!

Her Meshimono is cute white panties of this day. Moreover, the front had taken to clean. Front in Denimini is dangerous excitement level. Rolled punching in Sokko from home, it was at last become a husk a sage time of 3-shot eyes.

Recently went for a drink in cabaret club where she was working, it is to masturbation to imagine her color of panties that had me to service in the next to up to 30 seconds before the toilet has become a pleasure.

[Part scene commentary]

Arcade → upside down (back) → upside down (front)

Only we put a mosaic on the sample.
Please understand because it is these works content.
Girl face in this volume, there is no mosaic in the pants.

To enjoy while watching the face during playback, you have to insert the image that was taken face in the video.

Still image data is included in the bonus.

We are pursuing a reality.
There is the case that sales period by the circumstances is short, but please acknowledge.

□ video data
Play time: 10 minutes 55 seconds
Capacity: 571MB
H264 encoding, mp4,1280 × 720,16: 9
It was confirmed the play in GOM player.
※ URL for the video downloaded to the commodity in the text file you have been described.
Windows7,64bit, was confirmed playback on the GOM player. Please download the latest version of GOM player if there is a failure to play.

□ still image data
Still image: 1080 × 1295px or more
A total of three sheets / 823KB

Girl's face in the video, do not do the mosaic processing to pants.
Persons appearing to the work we have taken over the contract is more than 18-year-old model.
To comply with the Japanese law, act contrary to the laws and ordinances is not done at all.
Secondary use, transfer, reprint, resale is prohibited.
This work is the contents on the basis of law, to the Terms and Conditions.
(It has confirmed that this is at least 18 years of age by the ID card)


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