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【Super Destination】 Slender must-see for her silver-shining pant


【Super Destination】 Slender must-see for her silver-shining pant
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It is a dream. Recently it is in good condition. I kept a sensual image continuously last week.
The eye stuck to a slender cute child who enters a convenience store, and it gets back to the convenience store without thinking anything GO!

Today I got tired a bit after I returned from work but I turned around with power full opening, camera full throttle! It is!
But inside the convenience store is narrow, ... there are customers, squatting ... · · ·.
I could not see you at all in panties (sorry!).

In this way, I started tailing with my intention to go home.
My beloved panty will get on the subway.
Riding two or three stations. In the head was panty-chan, so I do not remember any station.

The escalator which goes down the train, climbs the stairs, goes out to the ground is standing in front of you!
Chance! And just to start shooting!
It is slightly unnatural, but ride the stage just under the escalator and bring the camera upward! It is! It is! It is! It is!

This time I skirt-touched my reward I worked hard!
If this is noticed super - mischief! It is!

I can not see the monitor while shooting, so I do not know what's on ....
I saw it rough at home, Ah ~ ~ Silver cloth before this panty !!!!!
There are such panties ~!

I was excited more than usual.

Please enjoy it.

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