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m****** recording diary 28


m****** recording diary 28
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I started with a bad friend.
I am influenced by some works.

It was a season when it was difficult to do various things in early spring, so I was self-refusing my activities for a while,
When the number of women exposing raw skin increases, the desire of a m****** that can not be suppressed.
I invited bad friends and resumed activities!

This time I will consult with a bad friend and look for prey in a certain place I was curious about before.

Then I found a girls student heading to home in a hurry.
A woman riding a train in a hurry does not have time, so the rate at which noises do not get hurt is high.
And twin tail & neat female student.
I will not target not to go ~ is not it ~.

A man with a smartphone pushed it nicely
Succeeded in getting the best position!
Natural perfume mixed with shampoo and sweat from her gives a good smell.
Moreover, a bra that seems to float slightly on a white shirt
She seems to teach me immatureness towards her sex and I can not afford to me who likes virgins!
Virginity is definite (great excitement)

It's been a long time in the meantime, so please touch it carefully.
Touching from the top of the skirt, not to make a noise, faced downwards ...

This is a perfect OK girl! ! Let's receive it!

The teenage raw skin is fine with fine texture and it is a slipper.
Even if you touch it from the top of the panty, it is steamed crotch enough to understand.
I want to squeeze my nose and taste the candy and smell!
I'm a virgin and I wonder if it smells good!

Besides, it does not matter if you look cute whenever you push your hands.
When I was able to touch directly to a wet and clit trity
I felt like I completely conquered the girl, and the erection did not hit me ....

A woman who falls into a m****** is also a nice thing, although it shows shameful and disgusting feelings, it can not bear to mourn a girl who can not resist.

On the way, from around where the black T-shirt interrupted
It seems that I was holding down my panties with one hand
A bad friend held up, the camera below had the reason why it was recorded.

The p***** here is also not a humpa ....

(Female student & self-certified virgin, personally highly valued! 86 points!)

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· For the model of this work we are checking the age of 18 years old and over at the ID card
· The person appearing in this work is a model, taking photographs with agreement.
· This work is not a work corresponding to child pornography
· It is contents based on this site usage agreement.
· Because it is a completely original product, secondary use such as transmission to third parties, sale etc. is forbidden at all
· Returned goods, complaints We do not accept cases considerably
· It is fiction, no characters are concerned, no matter about shooting place
· There are no events involving criminal acts or criminal acts in this work
· This work complies with domestic law, foreign law and illegal act is not done.
· Windows media player playback may not be able to be played back by the codec.

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