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m****** recording diary 244


m****** recording diary 244
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I started with a bad friend.
I strongly receive the colors of certain works.

This time, it's a video when I touched because the ridiculous ass of Rikusu was in front of me!

In a flaky skirt, with crisp breasts ... . .

There is also a pretty type of face in pretty girl type, but ...

At first I got my taste and elbows pressed against my chest when I got on the bus, but it was so nice again!

Moreover, although you should have noticed that you are touching your chest, there is no way to escape,

Is it OK daughter?

To make sure, I pushed my chest with the back of my hand facing the passengers getting in and out ...

I do not hate this again ... I guess it was before the interview, there was no fuss, and my breasts were thin, brassier, and there was also erotic softness ... I erected very much. . .

And if you play the tip of your boobs with your fingers ... Po-kun ... Po-kun ... and the slight reaction ... It's too erotic. . .

If you surely catch the nipple part, the breath that leaks as "Hmm ... Fuh ..."

Lehman next door was already drunk by Rikusu daughter who is feeling a m****** and reached out, so all the men there were erected ...

Even though I was like this, I felt like I was going to go out and get crazy

At the end, the crotch that stretched out as much as a finger man… It was so wet that I could see it even from underwear…

The clitoris has a pretty erection and you can see the whole place ... When you lick it with your fingertips like rubbing the lewd juice ...

I felt like it was echoing inside the car. . .

I just want to make you feel good if you make such a voice! I think that. . .

However, is it time for the clitoris to be hard? When I remembered, I arrived at the station. . .

The last touch! The hand that stretched out to my chest was flipped ... and, uh, I don't know. . .

If this was that section of the strongest line, I was sure to take it to orgasm. . .
But I was so happy that I was satisfied with my erotic condition and satisfaction.

Did that girl talk about her future in a company interview while getting her pussy wet? I think ... I'm going to miss it many times. . .

(Personal evaluation: 84 points)

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・ This work complies with domestic and foreign laws, and there is no illegal act.
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