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Garrotte entreaty woman 750YEN (TAX INC.)
Garrotte entreaty woman
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Sayuri 37 years old
170cm tall 53 kg in weight blood type type AB B83(B)W59H88

The owner of a deadline and restriction, a rape desire, such a super super-masochistic desire that a considerably close play "wants to be seen" in.
It is strangled, and thing, it which were taught common-law him in 50 times a month of SEX die.
I begin to keep company without knowing that there is such a habit and am asked soon first in the middle of SEX saying "I tighten a neck and am slightly good",
I accepted you while being puzzled, but came to entreat it when I came to lack quality if there was not it, and oneself almost lived now gradually saying "I strongly strangle you".
When was the wife who answered a younger person partner "entrusting you by passiveness in the one which is prohibited from oneself" modestly, but begin a kiss in the second-floor porch; is switch ON! again
I am gradually unclothed with twining a tongue though the tongue which is lasciviousness for a long time hot attracting a thread enters the room connected with each other.
The hand lengthens to the crotch of the man while being in agony greater comfortable ...!" (indecent way of using hands)
I shake a body only with a kiss and a nipple while "asking, and licking the nipple", and grasping the arm of the man.
Already become a sex beast though lick it in soixante-neuf, and is too disgusting with Belon Belon and an indecent tongue having a long it from a pole to a bag, panting with a gesture and "lick it, and lick there" "request" "is good;, that's all right, pant to rave with one of Iku".
It is intense SEX such as the beast which already covets a pleasant feeling "comfortable again".
When feel it, stretch out a foot with a ping; wave a waist absorbedly; so as not to know it where oneself is either and when the top approaches it
The actor entreating it to be with "a neck, a neck" suddenly "tightly" strangles you at request while being scared.
The woman takes "Iino, Iino, one of Iku" and the exclaiming nipple crisply when she more strongly tightens it while seeing a state,
The top was pale and the bottom kept feeling hot red-hot, and panting from a neck and ended from a tightened neck.
In the figure which achieve the roar that a "comfortable!" voice does not have, and is unladylike "the depths hit it, and the depths!" are rolled up for some time by the bottom; and a half madness state
Then "I tighten a neck and just close it!" suddenly, and a man is surprising for excessive force, too!
But, I let I tighten it according to request, and a whole body blush.
Even as for "I did not think that I showed SEX which was so intense".
SEX such as "an exile place of the love" which exclaims, and ends.
The details are written in the following blog. (with the sample sound)

- - - Time---39 minutes 13 seconds
There is a sound
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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