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# Self-taken # OL # Chest chiller # Leg fetish # Fetish fetish #


# Self-taken # OL # Chest chiller # Leg fetish # Fetish fetish #
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As you wear a private suit (skirt), you should sit on the floor, etc. First of all, so that you can see that the woman is taking self-taking, a hand with a smartphone is stretched a little and a little bit away from the body Please take a picture. It is slow and okay. After that, I think that if you can bring your camera close to you, you can do it from the thorax chira, the thigh to the calf, and by uploading from the place where the feet (the back of the foot, the back of the foot, the fingers, between the fingers) is as close as possible. Especially if you can clearly see the place to move or close your feet and your fingers, I am happy. And finally, may you turn up the skirt and take panties up so please?

Age: 25
Height: 159
Weight: 45
Three size: 85, 59, 84
Occupation: clerical work

Playing time: about 3 minutes 10 seconds
Frame: 1920 × 1080
Size: about 401 MB
Format: MP4 format
Sound: Yes

If you do not mind, please send comments and other comments, requests, and delusions ideas.
I would like to refer to future shooting.

· Testimonials are fictitious for you to enjoy moving pictures.
· For individual shooting, we can not respond to returns or complaints.
· There may be noise during shooting / editing.
· I confirmed that the characters are over 18 years old and I am taking pictures with permission.
· Terms of use, content that violates domestic laws are not included at all.
· All operations including reprinting, reselling, reproduction, transfer, secondary use, disclosure are prohibited.

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