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Black hair JK with secret cocktail to weakness toys!{


Black hair JK with secret cocktail to weakness toys!{
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Former ●● It is a caseke of a member of YARISA College. I will also specify my profile so please be sure to post it! !

When I was in college, when I drunk alcohol and freshmen with drinking alcohol, I lost my identity and drew a cheek in my resistanceless omen, like every day. Age of girls, down from high school graduation, the top twenty years ago. I think that it was a paradise. I am a silly guy who can not forget such a thrill of Yarosa. It is the same kind as those of Tokyo University students and Chiba University School of Medicine affairs who were talked about last year. Well, it is supremely era.

So, this time, I tried insulting J ● 3 female Nao at the second month of companion, 3P at the junior's house. I will gang rape a drunken woman with a circle member. I decided to try and taste that excitement again. Of course Nao is a secret.

Means used so-called "cocktail". Actually Nao also goes in and out of the club of Shibuya and Roppongi, because the thing of that hand has already been experienced, I do not know that I did a small workmanship and put it in a more intense thing than usual, He dranked it without a sense of resistance.

Then, about 40 minutes after starting the banquet, ♀ Nao who got into a state of drunkenness completely did not show resistance at all even if the tits and maca are rolled out in front of bad friends. On the contrary, the teacher 's touch touched by a junior or a man' s accident with a foreign body, the panting voice which seems to be unusual more than usual is leaked, and it turns back and forth in the transformer state. Even though J ● ●, however, the body proved to be a good erotic female. When you remove the spirit of mind, such truth will become a light.

It was handled as a junior toy and at the end it was drunk to rich semen so this is probably as good as cheating in front of me. Mecha got excited www.

By the way, Nao still does not know the fact that juniors have been mischiefed. Memory of that day seems to have been completely tons, it seems I do not remember even the face of a junior. So, for the time being a while, I am planning to tackle with this transformer NTR. Please pay attention to the future development.

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※ This is a situation video.
※ The age of the subject is confirmed definitely and we have a copy of the age confirmation document.
※ Since we are using genuine amateur materials, we have also taken a look in the video. please note that.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Prof

Born in 1980. I am from Tokyo. Worked on design related company. From high school to college days, I was dying to Nampa and Gongkong, I used all kinds of means such as alcohol, medicine, herbs, etc, and brought me off. And now, still continuing gangbanging play with the circle fellows of those days. Hentai office worker who is making food like Ubu J 0 to cheating married woman, like every month.

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