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I participate in a summer festival in a bikini and insert my mou 1,200YEN (TAX INC.)
I participate in a summer festival in a bikini and insert my mou
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It is this movie that I made Kanpa immediately squeeze with a festival.

So, although it is quickly, please use it next year because we will inform you of the method below.
First of all, if you do not do anything on the day, the risk is too high. Prepare is necessary from the day before unless you are looking for a very cool face, money, management or connection, or acquaintance with a performer.

To prepare for that is actually quite simple, just get yourself and another ticket extra. Then, do you have enough tickets for mixi ticket exchange community and twitter etc? I will get in touch with the girl who is besoged and attach a promise.

I have to be careful when negotiations are settled here, but if the date is not close, it will be a story about almost mailing me, so I asked somehow an excuse and said, "At the venue Carrying things in the wind "handed".

With this alone
· Since it is necessary to meet at the venue, phone number
· If you do not understand face,
These two can be acquired naturally. If you do not like your face, let's cut it.

Well, such a method is very classical, it is difficult to get tickets such as Johnny's and big visual bands etc. In the event that there is a demand for young girls, it is Nanpa which is normally done, but if you think normally When Ojisan is going to accommodate Johnny's tickets, it is Miemie that I am not interested because it is Barebare.

However, only in the case of the summer festival, the success rate is high because the mysterious misunderstanding that girls "Fellows go to the festival purely like music and many heart-friendly people" is prevalent!

In addition, there are no opportunities for meetings only at two to three hours at most, but at designated concerts there is no chance to see them only when delivering, but in the case of fes, there are two or three days as well, and even times other than when delivering Without worrying about drinking in the venue and going around the venue together. Whether you are a girls psychologist or not, as a girls psychologist, I often think that it is better than a female venue alone, and once you know your face, there is a chance to get involved quite a bit. So, there are plenty of opportunities to connect quickly to the slug! In case

Rather, it is easy mode that I can not live anymore if I can not do it here! !

So, I wrote it to Taratara so far, but for that reason it was Pooh (mixi name, ○ is obscurance) that I caught, first I decided to look, the thin body to black hair, the age 1 ○ Alright with no problem!

And, she talked about in advance, it was about to go with 4 or 5 people, but all of the members met for the first time. It is a very easy-going child who knows only about talking about music on the net, and this time it is the first time to meet in real meet and join the venue separately and gather. In this case it's okay if only one person acts differently! Just because the division with her is the biggest bottleneck, I can laugh at such a simple and nice thing.

It was a victory like 10 game differences already since the opening ceremony, so I went to the tent as soon as I watched ○ ○ Poo chan 's favorite band properly. No doubt that it would be cool so far while the sun was high.

From here onwards it is understandable if you can actually see the image, but since it is a child about to participate in a erotic appearance stretching out for this day, even if it is immediately inside the tent inside Barebare, even if it is immediate, it is not It seems to be disturbed to feel eagerness to enjoy everyday, so I move my hips at the woman on top of the rhythm of the bass that can be heard from the main stage, desperately trying to suppress the pant voice to not be heard by people, but completely female Norinori. It made me feel bold in nature and came to sex whether I came to dance or not, I fascinated a really wonderful act.

Definitely on this day, the hotest thing in the venue was the pussy of ○○ Poo, I thought the fire would come out with rubbed friction.

Length 39 minutes 28 seconds
Frame width 1280 × 720
Format mp4

※ This video is not in violation of the law, upload provisions.
※ The subject is over 18 years old.

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