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I can not put it in, but I will do it blowjob! Mutsumi 41 years


I can not put it in, but I will do it blowjob! Mutsumi 41 years
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I can not put it in, but I will do it blowjob!

The basic is masochistic aXXXe of knowing women who can not be refused by masochism, a man who resolves his sexual desire after work.
Insertion is a violation of the rules, but "I like male organs and I will do it as a blowjob"

Mutsumi 41 years old
Height 158 ??cm Weight 49 kg blood type O type B 83 (C) W 60 H 83

In the twentieth year of marriage, there are no more hands on two children, a stable life.

First experience at the age of 19.
It reminds me that it just hurts anyway.
After that, the fourth person is the current husband.
Which SEX is left in the impression of my experience? In case
The sex life has not been satisfied enough to say "nothing", and already cheating on once in SEX less state for about 5 years.

When I was in fifth and sixth grade of elementary school, I started feeling somewhat pleasant first masturbation, as I looked at a weekly magazine in my room and touched a female instrument at any moment.
Afterwards it was a super seriousness that I knew the sense of ascension in junior high school.

I can throw open the place where the senior wife is taking a shower.
Take a bath towel and take me to the bathroom and make a blowjob.
It is an awkward blowjob.
Lick and suck while giving instructions.
I hope it is not good, so ask them to squeeze them with hands, let me shit at the toilet bowl and ejaculate as it is!

--- hour --- 6 minutes 13 seconds
With voice

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
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