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Selfie masturbation and pee at home lent the camera. Mitsui 33 y


Selfie masturbation and pee at home lent the camera. Mitsui 33 y
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Selfie masturbation and pee at home lent the camera.

Mitsuki 33 years old blood O type
163 cm 42 kg B 83 cm (C) W 56 H 83

Now that she looks like a very ordinary office lady but she has few friends, she has no boyfriend now
It is said that she is addicted to anime watching and masturbation 5 times a week (20 times a month).
Therefore I lent a camera and came to take the masturbation that I usually do at home and come to visit.
If you can do something like shit.

The first experience is at the age of 18 years old university students.
It is not ashamed to expose naked before the boyfriend, but those who are curious say, "I will do this."

It is said that the first masturbation was at the age of three.
When I was holding back my cunt and pressed my crotch with my hand, I felt great pleasure.
That was the feeling of ascension now.

I can read hiragana at the time of kindergarten and sneak up with my dad's erotic book.
And when it comes to elementary school and she sees her room, she is in conviction.

I lie down on top of the basic pants.
It seems that it is the present prototype, and it feels good that one cloth is pulled rather than touching the clitoris directly, and it feels good.
There are many things that panties do not take off.

When I am in elementary school, I really like masturbation that says I was in class.
There were no friends until I became a junior high school student, so this time is also a pleasure in masturbation.

And astonishingly astonishingly, it seems that if you want it since then, you will go anywhere.

It is said that I want to be on the train.
Put the bag on your knees, slide your hand under it, and groin the crotch!
I am proud that I don't even see people standing in this style.
And when you ascend, I say that I will ascend as if I could not turn my face down.

Masturbation 1
I didn't tell you what I did, so I took a selfie with myself.
While holding the camera in the left hand, she lays on panties and bras and starts masturbation.

At first we slide hand in bra and pick up a teat, and understand the trouble while taking a picture to remove bra.
As soon as I start to go around the clit from above panties, there is a good stain.
As the pant increases with stains, the speed of moving the hand becomes faster and faster.
It will ascend as quickly as possible, but if you start touching the clitoris directly from above the stain without stopping your hand,
You can see that you move your finger in a circle.
And when it reaches the second climax, strength is inserted in the abdominal muscles and it is done with the pant.

Piss by the unit bus.
I try to move my crotch but I get out of focus.
It's rather lively, the sound and the white pee line ...

Masturbation 2
The last time I was doing masturbation seemingly inconvenient with one hand camera, so this time I was leaning on the wall with the camera.
The appearance of taking off one by one is sexy.

She seems to like the way she rubs the clitoris with her finger, and her sensitivity is good, and her pant voice is good.

When it comes to panties, a line of stains is clearly apparent.
Pick a nipple, rub it along with it, and stimulate the clitoris with pinpoint.
It is not clear that the person has been making stains for quite a while, saying that "it was impossible to make stains" only after becoming naked.
I'm stimulating around the clitoris, but sometimes I put my finger in the hole.
A wet finger dropped the clitoris again, and although a mosaic could not be seen, a white dripping liquid dripped from the female genitalia.
I rub it with my finger on the clitoris.
Her legs, which had been open, are closed and power comes in, which is her climax.

Her shower masturbation work is here!
"When rushing for masturbation use the corner, even a minute if the shower OK. Mitsui 33 years old"

Her introduction blog is here!

If you want to go to school or on the train, I will masturbate anywhere. 1

If you want to go to school or on the train, I will masturbate anywhere. 2

--- Hours-23 minutes
With voice

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※ We can not purchase person under 18 years old by law.

※ Contents that violate the terms of use and laws in Japan are not included.
※ We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
※ I have obtained the consent of the model for shooting and sales.

※ You can download with confidence because we have obtained permission from the rights holder for using the video.
※ It is prohibited to use the purchased work beyond the scope of private use such as transfer, sale, distribution, loan to a third party regardless of payment or free of charge.

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