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[Upskirts 97]Soft School Uniform K Living in the T-back Region M


[Upskirts 97]Soft School Uniform K Living in the T-back Region M
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It is the second work of Midori-chan who lives in Sakai regional city.

This time is a continuation of the previous video.

The last video is

Soft system K-chan's uniform pants that live in the region [upside down 92]

As usual with my previous work, I went to see T-back during dating.

And I bought T-back and gave it a present.

Why don't you wear it from scratch? And when I recommend wearing T-back, it seems like Midori-chan, who was the present, was also awkward to refuse, and succeeded in having T-back wear wonderfully.

Inverted taking continues as it is.

I take a shot of T-back of active duty K-chan in uniform upside down and take voyeurs from various distances and angles as usual.

Midori-chan seems to be restless for the first time in T-back, and the upper body is smashed many times.

I have a sneaking skirt turn in a puri club or karaoke, and I can see the whole view of the T-back.

It has been the case with other children until now, but you can play in peace with confidence as there is no nerve around the skirt during concentrated kurakura and karaoke.

The area around T-backs and buttocks for this time is reasonable for T-backs.

However, the area around man meat is very small.

So you can take a closer look at the dangerous gap in the T-back in Midori-chan's skirt sitting and singing during karaoke.

Please enjoy in T-back Midori-chan's skirt.

There are many videos of the young child in the past, so I am processing faces with thumbnails and samples, but I am not processing them into Midori-chan's cute faces in the videos.

Also, since videos of young children have suddenly been unable to be sold, there have been a number of cases so far, so those who are concerned are early.

-Kira Yoshikage-

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The person appearing in the work is a model of 18 years of age and older, and has been photographed on a contract.
We comply with Japanese domestic law and do not violate any laws or regulations.
It is prohibited to use the purchased work beyond the scope of private use, such as transferring, selling, distributing or lending it to a third party, regardless of payment or free of charge.
If illegal acts such as unauthorized reproduction are revealed, those who have carried out the illegal acts will be in accordance with our compensation for damages
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