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When older brother and sister had intercourse for the first time


When older brother and sister had intercourse for the first time
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This is all true story. First, I will explain the circumstances of the family.
My sister is 48 years old and lives with her mother. Mother and father divorced 10 years ago.
My mother lives in a pension while working part-time at a supermarket. My sister is a temporary employee.
As you may have guessed, it seems to be the life of the last minute. I live in Wako City, Saitama.
I am 51 years old. A 46-year-old wife and two children. I live in Nerima. This is also the life of woodpeckers.

This time my wife told me to go on an overnight trip with my friends, so my two high school and college sons went to their friend's house and I came home to see my mother's face.
The key to the entrance was open and there was a voice, so that was when I went up to the second floor.

My sister was masturbating. 48-year-old sister!
I haven't noticed that I'm back after watching erotic videos on my smartphone.

I acted on the smartphone's camera in a trap and took a picture of it in a video.
This is my first sister's masturbation. I was moving boldly in my underwear and I could hear the sound
Sisters usually live separately, and I can't be excited to see a woman's fresh masturbation.
While peeking at my sister's masturbation from behind, I was exposing and grasping the cock that had erected as soon as possible. My sister is big tits. I'm also fond of that big breast. A 48-year-old single body would have no choice but to have a cock. I was driven by the urge to violate my sister. I want to put this cock in the wet pussy of my sister who is making a sound.
But there is no such courage.
Eventually, when the younger sister shouted "Iku!" And I fell asleep as it was.
I gently approached my younger sister, and carefully observed the breasts that had been left out and the wet pussy from the panties. When the face was brought close to the panty, the sultry smell of the woman entered the back of the nasal cavity. I can't stand it and try to massage my boobs lightly. It is the best touch. The panties were shifted and the pussy was seen live.

At that time, I decided to sue my sister for the next chance and have sex.

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