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A real sister and a kiss in karaoke _ a devil brother who uses a


A real sister and a kiss in karaoke _ a devil brother who uses a
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My age is 27 years old. In order to get a job, I left my home and started living alone, and now I have two parents and sisters, my parents and sister are three.

The younger sister is also 18 years old who graduates from high school this year and says to go to a vocational school without leaving home.

My sister was moved to Tokyo for the first time in 3 years because she wanted to play in the spring break, to my ex that I was busy with work and never returned home.

My little sister I met for the first time in three years was already a woman.

I confess here honestly, but I have never seen my sister as a heterosexual. It's true.

However, before I was living in a totally female-friendly life, I appeared in a miniskirt in the thighs covered with patsatsu, lined up in a row of tapioca, and played karaoke, If you are playing like a so-called boyfriend like her,

"If you think about my sister, I think that you usually talk slowly, get along well, change numbers, get closer, and finally get this" dating "a guy who's got it that way Made without going through the process

The idea comes to mind,

"If you reach for a moment, you are in a distance where you can touch the woman's body right now."

And, I thought, I was blown away somewhere tied things such as blood ties.

If you think in common sense, first of all the taboo awareness of incest will not make it, but once you think of it as nothing, there is no such simple woman. Moreover, because I have a position above, I can be as aggressive as I can not do for ordinary women.

On the other hand, if you're a sister, you're strongly aware that you can't do something like this with your brother and sister, and if you cross a line, you'll shut up without asking your parents as a secret you can't talk to.

At this time, I did not calculate so far. However, after that, even when I asked him when I called my parents' house, my sister reported brightly that this Tokyo was just a fun Tokyo, and it didn't say how fine dust was attacked by my brother.

It would have been good if it was inserted until such a thing. First of all, at this time Muramura came in karaoke, touched the chest to check the size, but it was from the top of the pants, but I got a crack on the smell of the pussy. It has nothing to do with a normal, odious smell that simply invites an erection. I wanted to do it normally at all.

After that, I kiss my tongue with my brother and sister. This is also the feeling of a warm and warm mouth if you remove your awareness of your sister. I exchanged lots of saliva.

Finally, let's sit on the erection cock like a tits pub and bury the face in the chest. There was no woman around me who did such a thing, so I went to the end of my ass to find out.

If you haven't seen him for three years, it's almost like someone else. I think nobody imitates, but I knew for the first time that my sister was a familiar and fairly easy sex object.

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