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Night crawling mother while traveling in Tokyo


Night crawling mother while traveling in Tokyo
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I graduated from a local university, got a job at a local company, and am 25 years old now in Lehman's third year.
I am a young man who lives in a company, lives alone, and knows the gratitude of her mother only after this age.
You and your mother are mothers and children.
I took out to the university with a woman's hand, and I think it was not a normal effort.
In the sense that I work such a mother, it is this video that I went on a sightseeing in Tokyo for two.
However, there is no video during sightseeing.
One of them is the video that I got into the room where my mother was sleeping and had sex.
Although I thought that I was jealousy, I was in such a form for fear of being rejected asking me to have him face to face.
No way that the camera I brought for sightseeing can help this way.
I was originally interested in my mother's body, but I did not intend to do it until the end.
While sleeping, let's do some mischief to the extent that there is no barre. I tried to reproduce the familiar "Slugged Sleeping" on an old television program and was only going to be ridiculous.
However, she touches her mother's thighs, makes her yukata come off, and touches her tits.
The unusual situation of a dark room also spurred excitement.
Because she is a true mother, even if it was Barre, there was a temptation that it would be forgiven only if I apologized, and it would not be a googoto. And that feeling makes you more bold.
When I realized, I let my sleeping mother hold a cock.
At this time, even if gripped, the body did not respond, and it would not have been to the end without erection.
However, the hilarious coldness of the sleeping mother's palm, and the crimeful situation, combined with this, my cock has become the most rigid in my life so far.
If that happens, the rest will not stop.
It is covered fell on a mother's face and fellatio. Of course, because I am sleeping, I only address to the lips, but it was still a pleasure to push up different from any previous woman's blowjob.
It is natural because I did it so far, but my mother starts to get up.
However, surprisingly, it is a reaction that can be accepted or accepted without making a noise.
Take it by yourself and do this until the end! I felt like a kind of throwing pot and took off my pants covering my mother's secret.
"Mom, let's have sex"
When I finally take off my pants,
"That's no good ..."
However, the mother does not close the M-shaped open legs, but it is in the same posture.
This can only be done.
I decided that way, I had penetrated the mother in the normal position as it is.
I think that most of those who have read this sentence have no incest experience, but I think there are a few, experienced people. I think this is only understood by those who have done it, but the clear thing is that it is totally different from conventional sex. And I mean that I was on the "presence" side.
Especially when I inserted a kiss with my mother, Bello and Bello while inserting, I reached a climax.

Since that day, I have never had such a relationship with my mother. Maybe my mother also thinks the shame of the trip is a throwaway? I don't know, but for the time being, it was supposed to be out of each other.

The second sequel is here
Bath sex that the mother son of Tokyo travel actually had

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With voice

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