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Molester recording diary 212 1,290YEN (TAX INC.)
Molester recording diary 212
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* Outline of the work *
#Mini Skirt #Turtle Neck #Idol Style #Feeling Face #Pants Voyeur #Goosebumps #Raw Legs #Beige Panty

I started with bad friends.
I am strongly influenced by the colors of certain works.

This time, the target is a cute black-haired girl who seems to be an idol somewhere from Su * ba.
The white thighs that extend from the mini skirt ... It seems to be easy to understand the condition of the pussy because it is thin. . . I've been spotted ...
That's why I started chasing after you.
While getting on, put your hands on the buttocks, first taste ... Small ass as you thought ... Touched feeling seems to be very good even though it is a small ass ...
The state of the lizard that cares about the back ... Cute ... It feels like it ’s scary, but it does n’t make noise. . .
I can't wait until I get more resistance ...
Slowly put your hand in the skirt ... Touch the round ass over the slippery panties ...
Punisy feel ... Warmth of human skin ... Being touched and surprised ... Perfect for now.
This time of enjoying the feel of the butt while looking at the barking figure from behind is still happy ...

If you have touched so far, you will be a raw man ... Trace the crack from the top of the crotch while tracing the bottom of the underwear ...
Feel and feel the cracks even from the top of your underwear ...
Every time I trace a crack in my heart, it feels like I'm terrible and this is erotic ... this tag, quite lewd?
Also, goose bumps that are standing just enough to be touched ... I don't know if I'm disgusted or I'm too excited, but I'm sure I'm sure I'm feeling something by being perverted ...

Well then, the raw man who should have been soon ...

And when I tried to slide my finger from the side of my underwear ...
Is it just impossible in underwear, or is it the limit of patience?
Moreover, it is quite resistant ...
Oh, I feel a little better! I can make you feel better if you touch the clitoris! Even though resistance goes down ...
Tightly closed thighs, pressing the wrist to prevent the fingers from extending beyond the butt crack ...

After all, this time it ends without being a raw man ... The regret that comes up while looking at the back of the escaping fleeing in a short run ...
It's been a success recently, so it's a little shock ...
I thought I could definitely do it. . .
Face is cute but resistance is strong. Someday this revenge will have a revenge ...
Although I couldn't do raw man, I was able to shoot the beige satin panties, so I will draw!

(Personal evaluation: 78 points because raw man couldn't)

File format / mp4
Movie time7 minutes 40 seconds
* File size and image quality will vary depending on the sales site. Please note.

・ We have confirmed the age of 18 years and older with the ID card for the model of this work.
・ Person appearing in this work is a model and we shoot with consent.
・ This content is based on the terms of use of this site.
・ Since it is a completely original product, secondary use such as transmission to third parties and sales is strictly prohibited.
・ Returns and claims are not accepted
・ It is a fiction and has nothing to do with the characters and shooting locations
・ There are no criminal acts or events related to criminal acts in this work
・ This work complies with domestic and foreign laws, and there are no illegal activities.
・ Playback with Windows media player may not be possible depending on the codec. Choose a player at your own risk. (VLC player recommended)

【Tags】  Uniform Voyeur Personal Shooting Molester Schoolgirl Beauty Underwear Fetish Train Ass Big Tits Real Real Infrared
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