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I like anything that is unpleasant, please pick my nipples in a


I like anything that is unpleasant, please pick my nipples in a
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I like anything that is unpleasant, please pick my nipples in a painful position.

Super masochist in metamorphosis, nasty and shaved housewives OK, urinate to check restraint.

172cm and big body, but looks like an ordinary housewife.
However, the chest seems to be broken and the dick is shaved.

Yuki (46 years old) 66kg B94 (D) W70H95

Currently, she has experienced a variety of sexual acts with her husband.
It looks like a saddle, but it ’s actually a super masochist with a super, like outdoor SEX, ka-SEX, and swapping.
In 3P swapping she crawls,
“Surprisingly, the man is worried about his wife and can't concentrate.”
After that, SEX with your partner.

"rXXe pretend"?
Raped by her husband with five husband acquaintances.
The impression at that time was "I had a very tired feeling," so that six people were fXXXXd to do it.
After getting acquainted with my husband, it's been shaved. (Reason that pubic hair has white hair and is white)
I like to have my nipples sandwiched between selective scissors and I like to see dick.
The pleasure of being able to ascend by fist who likes anal SEX is different from ordinary ascension. It is said.
Anyway, I like to hurt, I like to be strong, I'm more of a metamorphosis than super masochist.

I am delighted to be confused and blinded from now on.
I especially feel breasts.
As soon as it is roughly grabbed by a spear, it reacts and panting “feeling good”
If you pick a nipple, you pant further, and this also gets on and puts the nipple with clothespins.
It ’s a big pant at that moment.
Apparently, it seems that she hurts and leads to pleasure.

If you pull the clothespin, you will hear pant and nipple pain at the same time.
She seems to have a scab cover in a nipple injury and remove one clothespin.
And shift change to female genitals.
“Nipples, clitoris, and female genitals feel good.”
If you make it harder with your hands, you will pant while saying "I feel better, do it stronger" or "I feel better in front and back".

If the pant that matches the rhythm of the hand movement becomes faster, the upper part of the neck will turn red, and the word “Iku” will not ascend.
The movement of the hand is not stopped.
Then you will be instructed again to say “a little more”, so this is also a painful place to put in and out,
Swipe the nipple roughly.
Then, he pants with a big voice saying “Ah, I'm good” and kneads the body, and the carotid artery is swollen and blows all at once.

It seems that it is unsatisfactory for her who has exhausted without always stimulating it strongly.
And the pain is one of the pleasures.

If you go to the bathroom and tell me to pee here,
Without being shy, she was a masochist housewife who crouched as usual and started to urinate.

Her masturbation work is here!
"Masturbation with a lewd masochist married woman's super obscene electric massage machine. Yuki 46 years old"


--- Time --- 18 minutes 23 seconds
With audio

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* Contents that violate the terms of use and the laws in Japan are not included.
* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* Model consent has been obtained for filming and sales.

* Since we have obtained permission from the rights holder to use the video, you can download it with confidence.
* Use of purchased works beyond the scope of private use, such as transfer, sale, distribution, or lending to third parties, is prohibited regardless of whether it is paid or not.

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