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Molester recording diary 252


Molester recording diary 252
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It is the second part of a brown gal who did not get down even if he was groped with a raw nipple!
* For the first part, see Molester Record Diary 250.

If you think about it now, why would you not be able to get off the train because you were so perverted? ? ? Which means
Indeed, at this time, blood had risen between my head and crotch and I forgot myself ... (sweat)
For the time being, the door closes and your hand is stuck in a short skirt and suddenly a raw man!
I'm already messing around, so don't be shy (laughs)
Behind the man's hair that is beautifully arranged like a gal, it is a crowd of man meat. . . I'm too happy ...
When you insert your finger into the back of the crack, the mucous membrane that got hotter and the slimy feel ...
I guess I was excited by messing around with my nipples. . .
And this time I get a clitoris erecting like a nipple ...
The crunchy feel and the crotch that makes me cry ... Erotic and happy ... The brown gal that looked cheeky is now completely rolled into my hands ...
The feeling that this desire for control is satisfied is the best after all. . .
Also, if you talk about the situation around this gal ... both Lehman behind and the young man next door are molested ... (bitter smile)
I'm resisting perverts as such, but I feel like I'm not in time. . .
A figure that resists while feeling ... the feel of a pussy that still gets wet ... a clitoris that gets bigger and bigger ...
The underwear is in the festive state with my hand and two other hands ...

It's a joke that I don't understand anymore. . .

The moment I felt too excited in my head,
A gal who collapses with a voice saying "Ahhhhh ..."
I couldn't stand the clitoris attack!
Ah ... this sense of accomplishment ... a completely depressed feel ... pure white ...

By the time I came back, the door was just about to open. . .
It was good not to have exploded. . .
However, every time I remembered how I was touching, I got erected and did not work until evening (bitter smile)

And this time, it was a fierce content that seems to be recorded.
It is a mystery that the no bra rate is a little high, but I will investigate it near the daily routine.

The erect nipple of the bungle sticks to the eyes and stays ...

(Personal evaluation: 85 points!)

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