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Street legs & socks snaps photo book & video Nanami


Street legs & socks snaps photo book & video Nanami
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The new photo collection and video is 25 years old Nanami. Height 158cm. 23.5cm feet.

Her feet get stuffy and I'm worried about the smell, so she seems to sniff herself to see if she's crazy, and she records a scene in her video that checks her feet for odor.

The smell of her feet was not odorless, but it didn't go as far as it was.
But for her, she said she was the odor that entered the kusai.

She seems to have a dog, and she does not sniff her feet, she licks it.

Her pump was an odor that was just a mixture of leather odor and foot odor.

Enjoy the cute Nanami's stuffy feet!

Nanami (25) Medical office height 153cm Foot size 23.5cm

55 photos 6000 × 4000 size
Both the one compressed to zip and the one converted to PDF are enclosed.

6 minutes 33 seconds 1920 × 1080 size mp4 format
Contents: Foot fetish interview, smelling foot, smelling shoes, sniffing tights
The video is only in Japanese and there is no translation subtitle.

※ There is no face mosaic in the work!

It has been compressed into a zip file. Please decompress with decompression software.

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Inexpensive copy products and file sharing will cause the next crop to not appear in the long run,
It is only negative for both sides. Be sure to observe the notes.

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