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Molester recording diary vol.42【3rd person】


Molester recording diary vol.42【3rd person】
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No ... I think I overdo it ...
Girls for the first time in a long time ● I felt cheeky when I was a student, so I just wanted to give a sermon and experience life
The touch has become intense ...
A blonde, miniskirt, and high socks girl I saw at the station.
It looks like it's not good looking, or it's not like going to school.
When I was a student, I didn't have such a rough girl, so I'm totally sorry ...
I'll punish this girl who has a licking attitude! I got in and touched it.
I knew from the upside-down shot taken by a bad friend, but if it looks like underwear, then underwear.
I was almost indignant at where to buy such Eloy underwear ...
After getting in, I touched it from the wait-and-see touch for the time being.
A girl who runs away like she hates every time her finger touches her thigh ... Isn't it cute to react sensitively to this kind of place?
I wondered if I could raise my voice, but I was a little nervous and inserted my hand, but I was embarrassed to hide my face by looking down.
cute. .. ..
I couldn't stand it because I had such a cute reaction and reached for the crack ...
The crotch looks a little lit and feels different from cotton bread ...
And a sensitive crotch that reacts with a jerk when you trace it.
If you touch the clitoris part with your finger, you will run away like you hate it ... I'm dying ...
It's a perfect OK girl who doesn't say anything even if it's done so far, so don't hesitate to get a main dish.
Shift your underwear and insert your finger into the young pussy ... firm man meat and smooth skin ... it feels good ...
And when you gently open the crack and put your finger in it ...
Slimy ... A lascivious feel.
At the same time, a bad girl whose reaction changes overtly ...
It's great that the lewd juice is already overflowing from the holes ... good ...
And here, a bad friend started to run away ...
When I think I stretched my hand to my chest, I unbuttoned it and put out my chest ...
When I thought I put my hand in, what I saw in front of me was a beautiful nipple ... Ah ... I can see the nipple of such a young child ... Thank you to my bad friend ...
It's almost like a leap, but this is also good ... and this girl who feels sighing is also crazy.
Insert your finger into a slightly tight hole, feel the flesh wall entwined with your finger, and fingering ... I'm so happy that I can catch it as it is ...
Fingering while watching my daughter being tampered with her nipples in front of me ... I was already ejaculating in my head ...
The station is approaching, so if you slowly pull out your finger, it's already sticky ...
When the train door opened, my daughter went down to escape, but when I saw the amount of lewd juice entwined with my fingers and the nipples that erected in the crunchy, I felt completely molested.
It seems that it looks bad, so if you have such a straightforward body, it will sprout in the gap. .. ..
It's been a long time since I became a molester who was so excited.
By the way, as I learned later, this girl overflowed with white cloudy juice ... It's a serious juice. ..
The intention of punishment seems to have been a reward for that girl ...
It was a bad target until the very end, but it became the best molester with a good face, a good reaction, and a good pussy.

(High evaluation without complaint, personal evaluation: 87 points)

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