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[Tickling erotic diary] "Tickling" → "Tickling" while standing w


[Tickling erotic diary] "Tickling" → "Tickling" while standing w
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A couple who woke up to a little erotic "tickling".
From now on, I would like to explore various "tickling plays".
Thank you.

On this day, we tickled at the hotel as usual.
Tickling time from her at once.
You will be blindfolded, seated and tickled.
She is merciless on her side, stomach, and her thighs, laughing happily at herself.
It's like a preparatory movement, but it's been tickled for a long time.

Next is the change of offense and defense.
She ties her hands to the blindfold, mask, and hanger hanging in her room and tickles while standing.
I'm excited about the invisible, restrained situation.
I attacked her from her flank.
Her armpits are a great reaction.
She's so strong that she doesn't speak out easily, but here she does.
It's a good reaction to squeeze her body.
I wanted to flip her skirt and attack her thighs directly, but she had a camera in one hand and couldn't keep her skirt rolled up and gave up.
Then, when she tickles her stomach, she feels jerks.
She's been a little aggressive, so it's over.

She was shooting with a camera and a smartphone, so after that she also put on another angle version of the same standing and tickling.
This one has a wider angle and is on the top, so I can't see the ticking hands, but I think it's easier to see the wavy body, especially the upper body.
She is thin, so I think her arms and other reactions are very good.
Please enjoy at the same time.

Also, if you would like us to do this kind of "tickling", please comment on our blog or Twitter.

* On the way, there is a scene where the camera is covered with a skirt and the screen goes black while trying to turn over her skirt.

* There is no audio other than the "tickling" scene.

* Because it is an amateur, the face is not shown.

Playback time: Approximately 11 minutes 29 seconds
Original frame: 1920 x 1080
Original size: Approximately 1.1GB
Format: MP4 format
Audio: Yes (partially cut)

If you like, please send us your thoughts, requests, and delusional ideas in the comments.
I would like to use it as a reference for future shooting.

・ Introduction texts are fictitious for you to enjoy the video.
・ Because it is taken by an individual, we cannot respond to returns or complaints.
-There may be noise during shooting / editing.
・ We have confirmed that the characters are over 18 years old and are shooting with permission.
・ It does not include any content that violates the terms of use or the laws in Japan.
・ All acts such as reprinting, resale, duplication, transfer, secondary use, and disclosure are prohibited.

【Tags】 tickling amateur fetish SM
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