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A beautiful and gal 19-year-old part-time jobber gets a big cock


A beautiful and gal 19-year-old part-time jobber gets a big cock
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A 19-year-old part-time jobber challenges the shooting for the first time.
She is a blonde gal with clear, white, smooth skin.
She looks like a gal, but she has a mature personality and her language is polite.

She recently broke up with her boyfriend who had been dating for two and a half years and now she seems to have no one to have sex with.
She doesn't do much sex alone, but she seems to do it occasionally.

The number of experienced people is two, and I have only had sex with people I have been dating.
With this shooting, I will have sex with someone other than my boyfriend for the first time.

She is interested in AV sex and has applied this time to save money to go to a beauty school.
She's nervous about her first shoot and is embarrassed to get her camera closer.

When her legs and ass are touched or licked, she feels and scares her body.
When she is in her underwear, she has a fair, slender and beautiful body.

She just touched her nipples a little and her nipples are already standing in Bing.
When I lick her nipples, I feel it and make her body moody.

When she was cunnilingus, she was embarrassed to feel and laughed, but she gradually became comfortable and shook her body with a naughty voice.
When her fingering is done, she hears a jerky and obscene sound, and she feels "embarrassed" and makes her body nervous.

When inserted in her back, she is pierced by a big cock and panting "comfortable".
When stabbed in her back, she feels too much and pushes her body forward to escape.
She gets fucked all the way in her sleeping back and shyly says "I like this" and panting.

Straddling up in her cowgirl position, she shyly grinds her hips herself.
When pushed up from under her, her hair is disturbed and panting.

Saddle in the sitting position, breathing hard while looking at the insertion part, panting and getting the dick wet.
Even after that, she is violently fucked in missionary, coronation, back posture, etc., distorting her face and panting.

At the end, it was violently pistoned at the missionary position again, a large amount was fired on the face, and she also did a cleaning fellatio.
The appearance that a fair and slender beautiful body is violently pierced by a big cock and panting while getting shy but getting wet with a dick is exciting.

Time: 67 minutes 37 seconds mp4

* The performers are over 18 years old and have obtained the consent of the shooting.

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