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A petite and slender 20-year-old vocational school student panti


A petite and slender 20-year-old vocational school student panti
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A 20-year-old vocational school student will try to shoot for the first time.
I am currently studying at a vocational school with the aim of becoming a dental hygienist.

With a small size of 147 cm and a slender figure, she has a baby-faced and cute atmosphere.
However, unlike her appearance, I like playing a little metamorphosis, and I have various experiences in my private life.

The person I'm currently dating is quite old in his 40s, and he says he likes it even in his 50s.
It seems that older people are good because they do a sticky etch.

My first experience was at 14, and my opponent was my boyfriend, who was two years older than me at that time.
Although it looks like an adult, I have experienced various plays such as doing 3P with two juniors and having sex in the school building.
I was excited to have a blowjob while inserting 3P, but it seems that it was a little unsatisfactory because the other party was young.
I also like AV and watch it a lot, and I have been interested in it for a long time and applied from curiosity.

The body seems to be sensitive, and as soon as you touch your ears, you start to feel and your voice leaks.
When I lick my ears, I say "Oh, it feels good" and "I feel it" and panting.
When kissing, she is a lascivious child who touches her crotch and says "it's getting bigger" and "it's getting harder".

When I touch the nipple, which is said to be an erogenous zone, I feel it and make my body squeaky.
It has a small but beautifully shaped breast, and the small nipples are hard and crunchy.

If you touch the dick from the top of your pants while licking your nipples, your pant voice will become louder and your hips will move.
When she hits the dick from the top of her pants, she says "Ah, dame" and "Ichau, Ichau" and culminates in no time.

If you lick a moist and wet dick, her face will be distorted and you will panting.
When the electric massage machine is hit directly on the dick, she makes a loud voice, panting and blowing the tide.
I kept hitting the electric massage machine as it was, and the tide spilled further, making the bed bishobisho.

After that, she is cunnilingus and overflows man juice, and when finger fuck is made, she shakes her body and panting and gets acme.
While licking the nipple while handjob, he says "I want you to insert it", "I want you to punch line quickly", "I want to do something more comfortable".

She says "I'm going to insert it" and inserts herself in her cowgirl position, and she licks her nipples while moving her hips.
She shakes her hips saying "Ah, it's really hard" and "It feels good", soaks in the pleasures of phallus other than her boyfriend, and culminates with "Ah, Icha".

If you touch the chestnut with your finger while being fucked at her missionary position, it will be itte again.
When the G-spot is pierced by the coronation and the back coronation, it panting and culminates.

When she is shown on the camera screen as she is inserted in her back, she panting while saying "embarrassing ...".
If it is pierced violently, it will break, "Dame", "If you do more than that, it will be strange" and panting.

Even after that, it is inserted in the standing position and standing back posture and panting, and it is shot in large quantities on the face and cums many times and panting.
At the end, it was inserted again in the missionary position, a large amount was fired on the face, and it was also a cleaning blow job and it was perfect.
Please see the petite and slender body being pierced violently by a big cock and panting and repeatedly cumming.

Time: 62 minutes mp4

* The performers are over 18 years old and have obtained the consent of the shooting.

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