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Covered with dirt and mud[NM004/200pic・1movie]


Covered with dirt and mud[NM004/200pic・1movie]
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When a student without freedom, excessively wet or dirty school clothes or gym clothes.
This is the 61st volume of a collection of still photographs of delusional recklessness, presented to those whose "sightings and experiences" have burned into their brains and cannot be turned back.

At a sand extraction site, I lay down on and around heavy machinery that was covered with dry soil, and I was covered in sand and dirt. They crawled up the pile of dirt on the deep ground, and then rolled down and landed on the mud. The video shows them rolling around and getting dirty under the instruction to get dirty.
After frolicking in the muck, I crawled up and scooped up the mud this time, smearing it all over the top of the zipper, which was not fully stained. I clambered up the mound of dirt once more and ended up with a half-hearted slide that landed me on the verge of a mud pond.

Images:JPEG(2592 × 1728 px)
Video:MP4(H.264/1920 × 1080px)
Costumes:Dark blue jersey top and bottom

・Reproduction or reprinting of the images without permission is prohibited. We ask for your cooperation.
・In accordance with the model and the wishes of this site, the specific parts of the model have been blurred or otherwise processed.
・The model is an adult female.
・There is no general erotica (such as nudity).
・All images are copyrighted by HP "Real and Improbable World".

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When I was a student, I was shocked to see how easy it was to get dirty in sports
uniforms at the behest of the PE teacher. I was shocked when I was a student at
school to see how easy it was to get dirty in sportswear when ordered by the PE
For fetishists who can't get enough of the WAM scene in schools, this is a collection
of authentic still photographs that capture the surreal mix of the real and the unreal.
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