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Off-shot photo book “Preparation” 1st[Preparation 001-010/379pic


Off-shot photo book “Preparation” 1st[Preparation 001-010/379pic
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When a student without freedom, excessively wet or dirty school clothes or gym clothes.
The reckless works that embody the "witnessing and experiencing" that has been burned into our brains, the 1st volume of off-shots that collects behind-the-scenes photos of each of them.

The whole process of taking off a heavily wet or dirty costume after shooting and putting on the next one. A unique collaboration where you can enjoy half dirty and half clean clothes by changing tops and bottoms one by one, a method often seen in women, the lining, which gets unintentionally dirty as you put on your jacket first to take off your stained costume, a number of surreal scenes that are different from the main story, such as daring to change into heavily soiled clothes in order to do laundry with them on, are rarely seen elsewhere.

In addition, this work does not cover all of my work, but only the shots I took when I had enough time on site.


01 The scene where she changes from her blue jersey top and bottom to her dark red jersey and black sailor suit
02 The scene where he changes from a deep red jersey to a dark blue jersey
03 Short-sleeved gym uniform with round-necked collar, dark blue bloomers, and loose socks
04 The scene where she changes from her dark blue sailor uniform, stained white with powder, to her navy blue jersey
05 The scene where she gets soaking wet and changes from her navy blue jersey top and bottom stained white with powder to her dark blue sailor suit top and bottom stained white with powder
06 The scene where she changes from her soaking dark blue vest & dark blue pleated skirt to a deep red jersey & red bloomers
07 The scene where she changes from her dark blue jersey top and bottom, stained white with powder, to her dark green blazer top and bottom
08 The scene where she changes from a dark green blazer stained white with powder to a black school uniform with stuffed collar
09 The scene where she changes from her cochineal jersey top and bottom, covered in red dirt and soaking wet, to a dark blue sailor top and blue pants
10 Scene where she changes from dark blue jersey top and bottom to dark blue sailor uniform top and bottom and black stockings

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1280 × 960 px[01, 02, 03]
1936 × 1288 px[04, 05, 06]
2816 × 1880 px[07, 08, 09, 10]
Costumes:Navy blue sailor winter clothes, top and bottom・Dark blue vest・Blazer・Blouse・Men's School Uniform Top and Bottom・Loose socks・Navy blue high socks・Stockings・Long-sleeved gym uniform・Short-sleeve gym clothes・Bloomers etc.

・Reproduction or reprinting of the images without permission is prohibited. We ask for your cooperation.
・In accordance with the model and the wishes of this site, the specific parts of the model have been blurred or otherwise processed.
・The model is an adult female.
・There is no general erotica (such as nudity).
・All images are copyrighted by HP "Real and Improbable World".

【Tags】 Mud Sand Soil Powder Jersey Bloomer Dark blue School wear Uniform Winter clothing Blazer Sailor WAM WET MESSY
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When I was a student, I was shocked to see how easy it was to get dirty in sports
uniforms at the behest of the PE teacher. I was shocked when I was a student at
school to see how easy it was to get dirty in sportswear when ordered by the PE
For fetishists who can't get enough of the WAM scene in schools, this is a collection
of authentic still photographs that capture the surreal mix of the real and the unreal.
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