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A 19-year-old vocational school student with beautiful big breas


A 19-year-old vocational school student with beautiful big breas
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A 19-year-old vocational school student takes on the challenge of having sex for the first time.
She is a cute girl who is currently attending a culinary school.
It's her first time filming and she's nervous, so she looks a little uncomfortable during the interview.

She usually works part-time at a family restaurant, and she is actually having an affair with the manager there.
Apparently, her boyfriend is telling her to send him naughty photos every day.
She applied thinking that from now on, she would send videos shot in AV.

She has a slender figure, but her breasts are so big that you can see the bulge in her breasts even when she's wearing her clothes.
When her breasts are fondled from behind during her interview, she feels it and can't speak normally.

When I lift up her clothes and fondle her breasts over her bra, she makes a sound and her pussy is already wet.
In her underwear, her slender body with a slender waist and F-cup breasts look unbalanced and naughty.

When her electric massager is applied over her pants, her expression immediately changes and she moans and feels it.
Then, she lifts her hips and does yoga, and she cums in no time.

When she is cunnilingus, she says, "It feels so good~" and her moans become louder.
When she inserts two fingers and fingers her, and when the electric massager is applied to her clitoris, her body convulses and she cums.
After that, she was fingered violently and she made obscene sounds and squirted.

When she starts giving a blowjob, she sucks it with a tongue that doesn't seem like a teenager, probably because the manager of her part-time job has trained her.
While we were licking each other's private parts, she said she wanted to give me a titty fuck and held my cock between her beautiful big F cup breasts.

When penetrated in the missionary position, she moans and says "It feels good" over and over again.
She is fucked in cowgirl position and climaxes repeatedly as he pounds her from beneath her.

By the time it's inserted in her doggy style, she's feeling so much that she's half-dazed and doing yoga.
At the end, he pounded her hard again in the missionary position, screaming and panting, ejaculating a large amount on her face and giving her a cleaning blowjob.
It is a must-see to see her slender, beautiful, big-breasted young body moaning as she climaxes over and over again.

Position: Missionary → Cowgirl → Back → Missionary (facial, cleaning blowjob)

Time: 61 minutes mp4

*Performers are over 18 years old and have given consent to be photographed.

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