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A 19-year-old maiko with beautiful big breasts gets pleasured by


A 19-year-old maiko with beautiful big breasts gets pleasured by
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A 19-year-old maiko takes on the challenge of having sex for the first time.
She is a very cute girl with long black hair, and her Kyoto dialect is indescribable.

Maiko is basically not allowed to date anyone, so she doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment.
Actually, she wasn't supposed to date him since she was an apprentice, but apparently she had a boyfriend at that time.

Her first experience was when she was 16, and it seems that there are only a handful of people who have experienced her.
She hasn't had a boyfriend or had sex for over a year, so she seems to have a lot of desire.

When she wears her underwear, her waist is narrow and thin, but she has a nice body with just the right amount of flesh.
Her body seems to be sensitive, and she can feel it just by being touched, and when she puts her hand inside her bra and touches her nipples, it feels good and makes her body twitch.

When I take off her bra, she gets shy and desperately hides her breasts with her hands.
When she removes her hand, her beautiful D-cup breasts appear, and when you gently touch her nipples, she begins to make a sound.

When you lick her nipples, she makes a moaning sound and makes her nipples stand up.
When I pulled down her panties and touched her pussy, it was drenched in pussy juice, and when I moved my fingers I could hear an obscene sound.
When she is given cunnilingus, she says, "No, it feels so good..." and moans loudly, making her body twitch.

When he penetrates her from behind on the massage chair, she feels good with his cock for the first time in a long time, and when it is penetrated deep inside her, she cums in no time.
When she was violently pistoned, she let out a scream-like gasp and cumming again.

When I move to her bed, she carefully takes my cock in her mouth and gives me a blowjob.
Although the number of people with experience is small, the way he sucks and uses his tongue is so erotic that he seems to have reached the level of an expert.
When she is given a rich cunnilingus in return, her body trembles and she cums, and when she is fingered violently, her body convulses and her pussy juice overflows.

When he is penetrated in missionary position and violently penetrated, his embarrassment disappears somewhere, and he moans loudly and reaches climax repeatedly.
When she straddles herself on top in cowgirl position, she does yoga while shaking her beautiful big tits.

After that, she is fucked in the doggy style and lying down position, and is made to cum many times, making her moan continuously.
At the end, he was pounded hard again in the missionary position, screaming and panting, ejaculating a large amount on his face, and also gave a cleaning blowjob.
It is a must-see to see a young body with beautiful big breasts and little experience climaxing and moaning over and over again to satisfy the sexual desire that has been pent up.

Position: Missionary position → Cowgirl position → Back → Sleeping back → Missionary position (facial cumshot, cleaning blowjob)

Time: 58 minutes mp4

*Performers are over 18 years old and have given consent to be photographed.

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